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Christian Aid Ireland wishes peace for South Sudan on its sixth anniversary of Independence

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, celebrates its 6th birthday today, 9 July 2017.

But for many, this will not be the day of celebration that was envisaged when the country gained its independence in 2011.

Violent conflict and famine have created a powerful sense of disappointment, anxiety and fear among the people of South Sudan.

The government and opposition rebel groups are tangled in a struggle for political power.

Almost two million people have fled from their homes due to grenade and gun attacks, killing of civilians, sexual violence and destruction of homes.

This deadly combination of violence, displacement and restrictive access for humanitarian aid have created famine in parts of South Sudan and a wider hunger crisis that’s affecting six million people.

With violence increasingly splitting along ethnic lines, the UN have issued warnings of the possibility of a genocide.

In a country of 64 different ethnic communities, this is a chilling development.

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Our work in South Sudan


The challenges of working in South Sudan at the moment are enormous.

The work is eased by the astonishing resilience and bravery of South Sudanese people.

Before independence, people suffered in a 50-year conflict with Sudan, to the north.

Surviving that conflict has given them a sense of pride in their independence, knowledge of how damaging violence can be, and an appetite to create peace.

Christian Aid Ireland is working with local partners in South Sudan to boost their resilience and respond to the appetite for peace.

Alongside the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aid in areas of famine, partners are working to prevent the spread of hunger, boost access to health services and build peace.

We join advocacy efforts inside and outside South Sudan in calling for the government and its opposition to reject violence, respect the rights of civilians and return to discussions at the peace table.

We hope that on South Sudan’s next anniversary there will be more reasons to celebrate. 



About the author

Sorley McCaughey

Claire Devlin is Christian Aid Ireland's Programme Adviser - Tackling Violence, Building Peace.

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