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Rosamond's editorial

Loving every neighbour

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. Those resounding words spoken by Jesus have echoed down through the centuries to us.

When Jesus was asked ‘And who is my neighbour?’, in Luke chapter 10, He responded with the parable of the Good Samaritan. 

Today we are still reading stories in the news of desperate people who are lying by the roadside – sometimes literally – hoping that a passing stranger might stop and help them.

It is five years since the conflict began in Syria. Five years is a long time for an adult. For a small child, five years is a lifetime.

For many of those children, being constantly on the move in search of safety has been their whole life. Feeling unwanted and unworthy, they don’t know anything we take for granted. Things like schooling, regular food on the table, a safe and secure home.

In these pages you can read about the work being done in Europe and areas closer to the conflict by Christian Aid and its partners in Action by Churches Together, to help those who are fleeing from danger.

Of course, it’s not just conflict that forces people to flee their homes.

In Bangladesh when the floods come, we hear stories of mothers like Morsheda Begum – pictured on our cover. Once, in a moment of desperation, Morsheda had to place the youngest of her four children in a large kitchen pot and then cling to it as they floated away together in the current.

How we can help Morsheda and her neighbours, living together on a low-lying island in the Brahmaputra River, is told in our story about this year’s Christian Aid Week.

Which brings me back to that original question asked of Jesus, ‘and who is our neighbour?’

This Christian Aid Week, 15-21 May, when our supporters and our churches all over Ireland come out to help those in need, we are asking everyone to ‘Love EVERY neighbour’.

God bless.

Rosamond Bennett
Chief Executive Officer, Christian Aid Ireland




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Rosamond Bennett

Rosamond Bennett is Christian Aid Ireland's Chief Executive Officer

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