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Fair Play Café donate €20,000 to DRC Child Soldiers project

We are most grateful to Joe and Sharon Donnelly of The Anchorage project and the Fair Play Café in Ringsend, Dublin who have presented a cheque to Peter Byrne of Christian Aid for €20,000.

Children from Abbeyleix National School, Co. Laois launching Christmas stocking club

This is a gift given in memory of the late Audrey Byrne, towards a Christian Aid project in the Democratic Republic of Congo rehabilitating child soldiers.

Child soldiers in DR Congo

• Child soldiers are often forced to commit the most atrocious acts of murder, leaving them traumatised. In some cases these soldiers manage to break away from the armed gangs, but unfortunately find they are unable to return home to their families.

• Some families will not accept their children back, they hold them personally responsible for murder and make it clear they are no longer welcome. In other cases, families discourage their children from returning as they may be harmed by other members of their community who hold them responsible for previous conflict. It is at this point that the ex-child soldiers become extremely vulnerable.

• It is important that these children are given support and do not fall back into the hands of militia groups. This project has been developed to encourage these children as they reintegrate into a community which does not encourage crime or drug and alcohol abuse.

Fair Play Café

The Fair Play Café was born out of a passion to create a top quality community space that offers a great selection of delicious home-made food while also giving a helping hand to some of the poorest communities on the planet.

Since 2004 they have raised funds for communities in need through the proceeds of the Fair Play Café, the Pre-School Playgroup and through the sales of flowers from an adjoining garden area.  Over €164,000 has been donated in this way, and visitors to the Café are encouraged in this initiative under the theme ‘Share your Lunch!’

One year the funding is sent to charitable projects in Africa, another year to Asia, then to Latin America, and after that to Eastern Europe. Finally, a special year is chosen where funding is sent to charitable organisations here in Ireland.

Thank you to the Donnellys for their kind and generous gift in memory of Audrey Byrne, the late wife of Peter Byrne, Christian Aid Church and Community Manager, Dublin.


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