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Haiti programme helps inner city youth group to learn and achieve through the arts

'This project is really important to us. It helps us, as young people, to have a job that can help us to be useful in society. In the future, we can sell our paintings to earn money to provide for some of the basic things we need.'

- Jubenson Fils from Bel'Air (youth participant of 2016 art programme)

Give tax dodgers no where to hide

Christian Aid's Haiti/Dominican Republic programme has supported local partner Association pour la Promotion Intégrale de la Famille (APROSIFA) in improving the social conditions of underprivileged youth in the slum district of Carrefour Feuilles in Haiti for the past 18 years.

APROSIFA is not only engaged in HIV/AIDS prevention for young people but also provides cultural and social activities in which they can participate as a way of reducing delinquency and gang violence.

Since 2013 Christian Aid has supported the training and certification of 4 classes of 20-30 young people from the notably violent slums of Haiti such as Bel-Air, Fort Mecredi, Cicot.

During these courses, young artists, painters and sculptors are mentored so that they can develop their creative talents and learn how to make a profit from them. The end goal is that this will keep them out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

The various sessions include training in marketing and financial management, including how to manage budgets and maximize profit. They also learn how to behave and negotiate with customers in order to increase sales.

As a result of the programme, most of the young participants earn an average monthly income of at least HTG 5,000 each (€70/£60).  In addition, the international marketing strategy which has been developed allows the young painters and sculptors to sell their artwork abroad.

This year, a total of 40 young people have participated: 20 painters and 20 sculptors.

Two public exhibitions of the artists' work, at which their pieces have been on sale, have raised the awareness of the programme and also served to illustrate how individuals can earn an income from their work.

Give tax dodgers no where to hide

Give tax dodgers no where to hide

Thank you to Jocelyn Numa, Programme Officer, for sharing the blog.

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