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Hurricane Matthew – Supporting people to rebuild fragile Haiti seven months on

Seven months ago, in October 2016, Haiti was hit with a devastating hurricane. Christian Aid Ireland, with support from people across the country and Irish Aid, has been supporting people to rebuild their lives.  

This isn’t the first time that people in this fragile country have faced disaster. In 2010 more than 220,000 Haitians were killed, over 300,000 injured and more than 1.5 million people left homeless after the country was hit by a devastating earthquake.


Six years later, coinciding with the already increasing number of cholera cases, severe food insecurity and malnutrition, Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, killed more than 500 people and caused yet another humanitarian crisis.

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Destroyed houses in Camp Perrin following Hurricane Matthew. Photo credit: Thomas Lohnes

Christian Aid has been working with partners in Haiti to build houses, giving the people a place to rebuild their lives.

In the north east of the country, Christian Aid’s partner, Haïti Survie, has built over 100 houses. The houses received endorsements from the country’s leader. Jovenel Moïse, the newly inaugurated president of Haiti, coming from the north east of the country, he was familiar with and impressed by the houses built in the area stating: ‘…this is the model we need for the country.’

These houses provide much more than just shelter; they give dignity and respect to those living in them – a safe place to call home.

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Distribution of emergency kits in the town of Chantal after many of the houses, gardens and plantations were destroyed. Photo credit: Thomas Lohnes

In the immediate aftermath of October’s hurricane, Christian Aid’s local partner KORAL, distributed food parcels, clean drinking water, emergency shelter packs and nails and hammers to repair more than 700 roofs.

Marie Jocelyne Philistin, a 32-year-old single mother with two young children – was severely affected by Hurricane Matthew.

She registered in Christian Aid’s Irish Aid funded Emergency Hurricane Response project in collaboration with KORAL.

Like many others who benefited from aid, she was able to repair her home and restore her small business which now allows her to purchase and prepare better quality food for her children.

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Micheline Saint Cyr received corrugated iron and lath to help rebuild her and her neighbours home. Photo credit: Thomas Lohnes

Christian Aid will continue to support the vulnerable people of Haiti into the future and we would like to thank everyone who responded with such generosity and compassion in the wake of last October’s hurricane. 


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