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Holy Trinity Killiney: Kindling Project

Christian Aid's Church and Community Unit Manager Peter Byrne writes about how a supporter came up with a novel idea to raise funds for continuing work around the world.


A Dublin parishioner from Killiney, County Dublin has created a novel idea to help raise awareness and funds for Christian Aid. Utilising freely available twigs and wine boxes with a Christian Aid label attached, David Millar of Holy Trinity Parish, is hoping to spread the word about the important work of Christian Aid whilst raising valuable funds.


Inspired by Christian Aid Week

Inspired by the story of Loko Jarso, the feature story from Christian Aid Week 2015, David has come up with a way to connect our lives with the lives of people who struggle to make a living.

Loko's only option to earn money to feed her family was to walk up to eight miles daily, facing many dangers, to collect firewood.


In Loko's shoes

A large bundle of tied firewood was brought to Holy Trinity Killiney. This bundle weighed less than half the weight of the 30kg bundle that Loko carried daily.

The bundle was lifted in to the parish hall after the service, and people were encouraged to try and lift it - most found it quite difficult even though it was only 15kg.

In the winter, many people in Ireland purchase kindling, yet this is freely available in people’s gardens or in the hedgerows nearby. David’s idea suggests gathering the kindling and putting it in wine cartons (six to 12 bottle boxes are best, he advised - wine merchants are delighted to get rid of the boxes to which a specially designed label is affixed).


Parish's encouraged to support the project

The boxes of kindling are not for sale but a donation to Christian Aid is encouraged. This project is something that every parish can take on without incurring a cost. It could also be adopted by youth groups and eco groups.

Tax of Life Report


Share the Load, Lighten the Darkness, Feel the Heat

Having worked in Africa, David recalled the women collecting wood and this is what sparked the idea. 'We want to get more and more people collecting and distributing boxes of kindling. We hope that this could spread to other parishes so we can lighten the darkness, feel the heat and share the load, as it says on the label,' he commented.

On the morning of the launch in September 2016, over €200 was raised in the parish with more funds are still coming through.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported, and a huge thank you and acknowledgment to the supporter behind the initiative - David. Also special thanks to Killiney Diocesan Communications Officer Lynn and the Rector of Holy Trinity, Reverend Canon Niall Sloane for his support and encouragement.

Tax of Life Report

L-R: The Rev’d Canon Niall Sloane, David Millar (Project Organiser), Rt. Hon Peter E. Byrne


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