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Rehousing success in Angola

Christian Aid partner SOS Habitat in Angola has successfully supported 529 families from the community of Areia Branca to lobby the government for rehousing, after their houses were demolished by the government in 2013.

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Photo credit: SOS Habitat

Thanks to SOS Habitat's tireless efforts reclaiming the residents' rights to land and housing, after 3 years of living in squalid conditions the government has arranged for the displaced families to be rehoused.


Challenges remain

While this is a huge step forward for the residents of Areia Branca, there is work still to be done since the local authorities have placed restrictions on who is eligible for housing, in one case allocating three families just one home.

In the next phase of this process, SOS Habitat will continue to work with the community and government officials to ensure there is fair and equal access to housing and services for all.

Their swift response has already elicited further provisions for residents.

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