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Solidarity with activists in Angola

Angola Christian Aid programme partner Omunga recently participated in a week of support and solidarity with the 15+2 young activists, as part of a Working Group on Human Rights Monitoring. 

Tax of Life Report

Activists José Gomes Hata, Rosa Kusso Conde and Hitler Jessy Tchikonde participated in one of Omunga's community debates.

The topic of the debate was Freedom of Expression and the Justice System in Angola: the Case of the 15+2.

Omunga also shared with the activists their work in supporting former street children and assisting marginalised citizens in claiming their rights to land and housing.

They visited informal settlements and slums, as well as a settlement built by the administration of Benguela. The activists committed to raising awareness of the situation and to lobbying the state to recognise the rights of its citizens.

In addition, Omunga hosted a debate with another previously imprisoned human rights defender Jose Marcos Mavungo, on the topic of human rights in the province of Cabinda.

It is increasingly important to raise awareness of human rights violations in Angola, to hold the state accountable and ensure that the rights of all citizens are recognised and respected.

Omunga's work widening civic spaces and defending citizens' rights is fundamental to these efforts, and we celebrate these recent initiatives to strengthen the network of human rights defenders, encourage debate and create a critical mass to promote lasting change in Angola.

Thank you to Omunga and  Quintas De Debate for the use of these images.

Tax of Life Report

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