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Tackling alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya

Thanks to the TBF and KL Thompson Trust our partner BIDII in Kenya has reached over 700 people with a project to end alcohol and drug abuse.


High levels of poverty within three sub-counties in Machakos County have led to increased alcohol and drug abuse, and a deterioration in economic growth.


Following an award of funding from TBF and KL Thompson Trust last year, our partner Benevolent Institute of Development Initiatives (BIDII) designed a project to address the trends which are affecting the communities, workplaces and are ruining families. 

At planning stages, BIDII staff met with a number of local volunteers to discuss the various areas of priority and together they developed a targeted training programme. By working together they were determined they would make the greatest impact.

The themes they developed activities and training on include:

  • Drug and substance abuse

  • Unemployment

  • Income support

  • Providing support for those with HIV

  • The effects of climate change and how to best cope with inadequate rainfall

  • Best practices for farming methods

  • Developing business and market plans

35 groups of participants were formed during community outreach and open meetings, including 15 groups for young people and individuals suffering from addictions to drugs and substances.

Tax of Life Report

A total of 771 participants acquired knowledge and skills in areas which will help to reduce poverty and generate income.

Each of the groups received training specifically relevant to them, some received support on how to combat and prevent further drug and substance abuse, others received training on savings and how to access small loans, and some even received training on basic catering and farming skills with a particular focus on nutrition and poultry production.

Christian Aid and BIDII are extremely grateful to the TBF and KL Thompson Trust for both their prayerful and financial support of this transformative work and we look forward to hearing about the long-term impact of BIDII’s activities in Machakos.

Tax of Life Report

To find out more about contributing to the work of Christian Aid overseas, please contact Sarah Leeman: sleeman@christian-aid.org.

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Sorley McCaughey

Sarah Leeman is Christian Aid Ireland's Senior Programme Funding Officer.

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