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Tropical cyclone Sidr

Coastal communities in Bangladesh and north-east India are moving to shelters as a category four cyclone, with wind speeds of around 150 mph, threatens to hit  tonight.

The region has not seen a storm of this strength since the catastrophic cyclone of 1991 and our partners in Bangladesh and India are already working to reduce the impact of the latest cyclone. 

Megaphones and mobile phones are being used to warn remote and poor communities to move to cyclone shelters and other safe areas.

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Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), a Christian Aid partner, has helped the entire population of the island of Moheshkali move to one of the 44 cyclone shelters it built following the 1991 disaster.

It is also preparing emergency first aid and dry food supplies to help communities that have already fled their homes.

In India, Christian Aid partner CASA is also on standby.

Heavy rainfall is expected to follow the cyclone as the winds move inland and die down.

Wave surges up to five metres high are expected along Bangladesh’s vulnerable low-lying coast.

Christian Aid is in regular contact with its partners to ensure the most vulnerable can be helped as quickly as possible.

We will keep you informed of the situation in India and Bangladesh and how our partners are responding.

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