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Eradicating poverty requires far more than aid, says Christian Aid

31 January 2017 - Commenting on the Department for International Development’s new strategy for economic development, Christian Aid welcomed its focus on beyond-aid issues such as tax and transparency and its attention to the whole economy, and called on the rest of the government to work together to support genuinely sustainable development.

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Trump would do well to read his Bible before enacting discriminatory policies, says Christian Aid

30 January 2017 - A rejection of refugees, whatever their faith, is a rejection of Christian values, UK-based charity Christian Aid has warned today.

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Corruption is a problem in UK's own back yard, warns Christian Aid

25 January 2017 - As new corruption data are released today, Christian Aid is asking why the UK has still not taken important actions that would make it harder for corruption to happen.

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Ministers back down in secrecy fight with UK tax havens

16 January 2017 - Ministers appear to be losing their nerve in their battle against dangerous secrecy in UK tax havens, in a shift that calls into question Theresa May’s seriousness about tackling tax dodging, Christian Aid is warning.

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Refugees in Serbia experiencing 'life-threatening conditions' as temperatures plummet below -30 degrees celsius

January 12 2017 - Refugees in Serbia are experiencing life-threatening conditions as temperatures in the south of the country have plummeted to -30⁰C.

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