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Christian Aid stages power station 'trespass'

Christian Aid marked the 100-day countdown to December’s crucial UN climate change summit in Copenhagen on Friday night by staging a Mass Visual Trespass at an East Shropshire power plant.

Images of Christian Aid supporters holding up climate justice messages directed at Prime Minister Gordon Brown were beamed onto a cooling tower at the E.ON power station in Ironbridge, Shropshire.

A series of Mass Visual Trespasses targeting similar landmarks across Britain will take place over the next four months to highlight Christian Aid’s demand for the UK government to take a global lead in the battle against climate change. 

Members of the public are encouraged to join the trespass by adding photographs of themselves, and their climate messages, at www.christianaid.org.uk/trespass

Christian Aid's climate demands

Christian Aid is calling on Gordon Brown to attend the UN summit in person in December and to press rich countries to commit to at least 40% carbon emission reductions by 2020. 

It also wants the UK government, along with other developed nations, to commit the necessary support and resources, including technology transfers, to enable developing countries to reduce emissions, develop in a low carbon way and adapt to climate change.

In addition, Christian Aid says no new coal fired power stations should be built in the UK without full carbon capture and storage from the outset, which should also be retro-fitted to all older power stations by 2030. 

Ironbridge the perfect starting place

Paul Brannen, head of campaigns at Christian Aid said:  ‘Ironbridge was an appropriate target for our first Mass Visual Trespass because it is the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

‘It is rich industrialised countries, like the UK, that are historically responsible for causing climate change. They must now demonstrate a new kind of leadership in dealing with the consequences.

‘Climate change is already having a devastating effect on the people we work with in developing countries who have contributed very little to global warming. 

Vulnerable communities are bearing the brunt of unpredictable weather patterns, droughts, floods, tropical storms and higher incidences of disease. For these people, climate change is now a matter of life or death.

‘It’s time for a new revolution, a climate revolution. It’s vital that a fair and just climate deal is agreed in Copenhagen to come into force when the first phase of the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012.’

For press information call Andrew Hogg on +44 (0) 7872 350534/44 (0) 207 523 2058  email ahogg@christian-aid.org

Notes to Editors: 

·         Christian Aid works in some of the world's poorest communities in nearly 50 countries. We act where the need is greatest, regardless of religion, helping people build the life they deserve. 

·         Climate change is already depriving the poor in many developing countries of their livelihoods.  Christian Aid believes the battle against climate change is a key component in alleviating poverty.  We have a vision – an end to poverty.  Our new drive, Poverty Over, explains what we believe needs to be done – and can be done – to make that vision a reality.  A strong climate deal at Copenhagen is one essential.  Details at www.christianaid.org.uk

·         Photos are available to download at http://www.flickr.com/photos/christian_aid_media

·         Christian Aid is a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition. 11 million strong, we are the committed supporters, campaigners, hearts, minds and voices of more than 100 organisations.

Christian Aid press office is now on Twitter – follow us at http://twitter.com/caid_newswire


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