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Apple ruling shows the painfully high price of multinational tax secrecy

30 August 2016 - Today’s European Commission ruling on Apple highlights the urgent need for the tax arrangements of both multinationals and governments to be brought into the open, Christian Aid says today.

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Colombia: Does the final peace deal mark an end to the world's longest conflict?

24 August 2016 - Christian Aid and its partners warmly welcome today’s announcement of the final agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerrilla group. However, they also urge the government to ensure implementation of the agreement and dismantle paramilitary groups as a matter or priority, to guarantee lasting peace.

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World Humanitarian Day: praise for aid workers on the front line in South Sudan

18 August 2016 - On World Humanitarian Day, Friday August 19, Christian Aid is paying tribute to aid workers who face significant dangers and difficulties as they provide relief to people caught up in crisis zones.

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'Fantastically corrupt' countries doing more against corruption than UK tax haven

18 August 2016 - Countries described by David Cameron as 'fantastically corrupt' are doing more to clean up their acts than UK tax haven the British Virgin Islands, it was revealed this week.

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Emergency aid for communities in India and Bangladesh hit by monsoon floods

18 August 2016 - Christian Aid is using emergency funds to deliver urgent relief to communities in Bangladesh and India who have been severely affected by monsoon floods.

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Punishing advisers for clients' tax dodging would be a welcome move

17 August 2016 - Commenting on today’s UK government proposals to fine professionals whose clients aggressively avoid tax, Christian Aid said the move could hit the global tax avoidance supply chain, by increasing the risks facing the accountants, lawyers, banks and others involved.

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Aleppo, Syria: Humanitarian corridor proposal deeply flawed, say agencies

2 August 2016 - A statement from over 35 Syrian, regional and international humanitarian, human rights and development organisations on the Russia-Syrian proposal to establish "humanitarian corridors" out of Aleppo.

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