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Press releases

This month's news and media releases. 

EIB threatens to become one of the world's most secretive financial institutions

31 July 2014 - The European Union’s Bank is proposing changes to its rules on information disclosure which would make it one of the most secretive financial institutions in the world, campaigners are warning.

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Christian Aid statement on Gaza: Impunity must end

Men queuing behind bars

30 July 2014 - Christian Aid has been working with the poorest people in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory since the early 1950s, when we provided help to Palestinian refugees.

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Christian Aid publishes new paper examining the theology of gender

29 July 2014 - Being made male or female should be a gift of God, not a weapon of oppression says a new paper by Christian Aid, Of the Same Flesh: exploring a theology of gender.

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Christian Aid welcomes UK carbon budget pledge ahead of key climate summit

22 July 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the UK government's decision to leave its fourth carbon budget unchanged and called for increased global leadership ahead of a crunch period for climate talks.

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Christian Aid launches Gaza appeal

22 July 2014 - Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal to address the mounting humanitarian needs of thousands of innocent civilians caught in the violence in Gaza.

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Christian Aid welcomes government ambition to tackle FGM and child marriage

22 July 2014 - Long-term solutions to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage are essential to ensure progress towards ending harmful practices.

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OECD move against tax dodging will not benefit poor countries

21 July 2014 - The OECD, which is supposed to provide guidelines for good practice among its member states, has missed another opportunity to show they are committed to ensuring developing countries benefit from changes in international tax practices, says Christian Aid.

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Progress on global development goals but much work remains, says Christian Aid

21 July 2014 - Negotiators of the next global plan to reduce poverty and protect the environment made progress at the weekend and agreed proposals which include welcome new goals on climate change and on inequality, Christian Aid says today.

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Christian Aid calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire

11 July 2014 - Christian Aid is appalled at the spiralling levels of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and calls for an immediate ceasefire to protect innocent civilians from paying the ultimate price for political failure. Christian Aid urges the UK government to give its full support to ensure a ceasefire is brokered now.

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Tax justice has come a long way - but dramatic global reform still needed

10 July 2014 - Following widespread reporting of aggressive tax avoidance this week, Christian Aid is keen to highlight the wider picture: that while the world has changed for tax dodging companies and individuals, dramatic further reforms are needed.

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Fallen hero: Christian Aid 'disappointed' at pop star tax dodging

9 July 2014 - Christian Aid expresses disappointment that singer Katie Melua, who was nominated for their Tax Superhero Award four years ago after she publicly stated that she paid ‘nearly half of what comes to me in taxes’, had participated in an aggressive tax avoidance scheme.

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Christian Aid responds to Nigeria conflict that has displaced 50,000

07 July 2014 - Christian Aid partners are providing emergency support to some 50,000 people who have fled a conflict in the north central state of Benue in Nigeria.

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