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Bishops back appeal for Zimbabwe

Christian Aid is launching an appeal for Zimbabwe on 8 June. Millions of Zimbabweans are in urgent need of humanitarian aid if they are ever to recover from the economic crisis of the last decade.

The appeal is backed by the Bishops of the three largest Pentecostal churches in the UK.

Zimbabwe was once a thriving agricultural exporter. Now, per capita, Zimbabwe is the most food-aid dependent country in the world. The UN’s World Food programme believes that seven million people are in need of food assistance – roughly 65 per cent of the population.

The National Overseer of the Redeemed Church of God UK and Senior Pastor of Jesus House, Bishop Agu Irukwu says, ‘To do nothing in the face of hunger and possible famine is not acceptable. We are called to bring relief to those in need which is why I am supporting this appeal.’

Bishop Wilton Powell, the National Overseer of the Church of God of prophecy in the UK and France, says, ‘This appeal is our response to our global neighbours in an action of breaking bread with the Zimbabwean people.’

‘This appeal offers us the ideal opportunity to combine our faith with our work in order to combat this present distress in Zimbabwe,’ says Bishop Eric Brown, Administrative Bishop and Head of the New Testament Church of God in England and Wales.

The money raised will allow Christian Aid to provide seeds, fertiliser and training. It may also provide seed protection rations; that is food aid given with seeds in an effort to prevent the seeds being eaten rather than planted.

‘People in Zimbabwe are still in desperate need of food aid,’ says William Anderson, Christian Aid’s country manager in Zimbabwe. ‘The support the Bishops are giving Christian Aid gives us, and more importantly, the people we work with here, great hope and encouragement.

‘With the Bishops’ support, Christian Aid can enable poor farmers to break their dependency on food aid.  Money from this appeal will literally change people’s lives.’


Notes to Editors:

To give to the Zimbabwe appeal go to: www.christianaid.org.uk/zimbabwe

For more information contact Judith Melby on 0207 523 2408 or jmelby@christian-aid.org