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Honduran army attacks opposition

Christian Aid staff in Honduras say they are receiving reports of union and civil society leaders being ‘disappeared’ by the army in a bid to stifle protest against the new president who was installed by force on Sunday.

Moises Gonzalez, head of Christian Aid's Central America team, warns that the current constitutional crisis in Honduras is 'the most critical situation in more than 20 years in Central America'.

Christian Aid’s programme officer in Honduras adds: 'The country has become militarised. There are soldiers in the streets.

'The army is trying to stop legitimate political protest from taking place. There are army road blocks in several strategic locations. 

'The situation is not what the new Honduran government is trying to portray.'

In Progreso, another town in northern Honduras, the army threw tear gas canisters at demonstrators and two people were injured.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Cesar Ham, a presidential candidate and head of a leftist political party, was killed by soldiers who arrived at his home this morning to arrest him.

Ham was a close ally of the ousted president, Manuel Zelaya. The army claim that Ham confronted their soldiers with a gun, so he had to be killed.

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