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Luke Leighfield launches new album by donating a cut to Christian Aid

March 26 2012 - Singer songwriter Luke Leighfield launches his new album today and is also doing his bit to help end global poverty.

The 24-year-old Christian songsmith from Worcester has performed 650 shows in 14 countries, recorded live sessions on Radio 1 and Xfm, appeared at festivals such as Greenbelt and Latitude and shared stages with the likes of Scouting for Girls, Kate Nash and Joshua Radin among others.

His uplifting, orchestral, piano driven music has also appeared on TV shows such as Made in Chelsea, Coming of Age and Sky Sports.

Despite his success Leighfield is still striving for the big time and having to live with his parents to make ends meet.  But he has not lost his sense of perspective and is donating £1 from every copy of his latest album, New Season, to Christian Aid.

He said: ‘I don’t have much money now but it’s about laying a foundation.

‘If I do start selling a lot of records then I don’t want people who buy my music to think I’m just going to pocket it all.  I have a responsibility to them as well. 

‘I’d want my money channeled into something worthwhile and I feel I can trust Christian Aid to use that money wisely.’

He added:  ‘It can be a fine line between bragging about giving to a good cause and trying to inspire others to do something.

‘I think if people are able they should give something back.  I work hard at what I’m doing but ultimately songwriting is a gift.’

The former Southampton University Student, who releases New Season on March 26, has picked up praise from DJs Huw Stephens of Radio 1 and Tom Robinson of 6 Music.

Leighfield’s refreshing openness comes across in his lyrics which speak of his Christian faith.

‘I don’t like writing to a brief, I just try and express myself as naturally as possible,’ he said.

‘I’m not a fan of Christian bands which pretend they are purely secular and then once they are a success ram the Christian message down people’s throats. 

‘And on the other hand it’s not about isolating ourselves as Christian musicians.

‘I don’t want to hide my faith, it is a big part of my life and hopefully that comes out in my music. 

‘It’s important to just be genuine.  Hopefully my music resonates with people who do want to go deeper spiritually whether they are Christians or not.’

To document the making of his latest record Leighfield enlisted the work of film makers Duncan Howlsey and Tom Price who created a feature length film following the process, revealing some of the unusual recording locations and featuring interviews with Leighfield, his band and even his parents.

New Season is released today through Got Got Need Records.

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