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Christian Aid hails new era of climate politics at UN summit

23 September 2014 - At Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit Christian Aid praised the new political atmosphere in which heads of state committed to specific actions to tackle climate change.

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World's biggest ever climate march sends urgent message to world leaders

21 September 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have taken to the streets in the largest ever mass-mobilisation for the climate.

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G20 decision a positive move but poorer countries will see little benefit

21 September 2014 - Christian Aid’s principal advisor on economic justice Toby Quantrill said today: 'The G20 finance ministers agreement to automatically exchange tax information on a reciprocal basis by the end of 2018 is welcome, but given that 46 jurisdictions have already agreed to meet this standard earlier than 2018, there is little new in this announcement.'

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Economists make financial case for climate action – new report

16 September 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the publication of a new report outlining in economic terms the global benefits of transitioning to a low carbon economy.

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Christian Aid praises MPs voting for aid budget bill

12 September 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the news that a Commons bill to enshrine in law Britain’s aid spending target has progressed to the next stage of the law making process.

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Christian Aid launches appeal to help flood victims in South Asia

12 September 2014 - Christian Aid has launched an appeal to help victims of severe floods across four countries in South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal – that have so far claimed an estimated 500 lives.

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Michael Noonan urged to stop European Bank's 'extraordinary' slide towards secrecy.

11 September 2014 - Campaigners are urging Michael Noonan to help halt a dangerous slide towards secrecy at a giant bank of which Ireland is a part owner.

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Christian Aid: urgent call to MPs to support new law on aid and save lives

10 September 2014 - Christian Aid is making an urgent call to MPs to act this Friday to help secure the UK’s proud record of support for people living in poverty around the world.

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Poverty cannot be tackled without fighting climate change: new report

10 September 2014 - As world leaders meet in New York later this month at a summit convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the global fight against climate change, a new report highlights the crucial role a new set of Sustainable Development Goals must play in meeting the challenge.

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Rowan Williams calls on David Cameron to provide prophetic leadership at UN Summit

10 September 2014 - Now that David Cameron has confirmed his attendance at the UN climate summit of world leaders in New York, Christian Aid’s Chair, Rowan Williams, has urged him to deliver on his promise to lead ‘The Greenest Government Ever’ and provide a prophetic vision to protect the planet.

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Christian Aid praises UK Government for leadership stance on climate

9 September 2014 - Christian Aid has today welcomed the announcement by the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, ahead of the crucial climate talks in New York on September 23.

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Church leaders from four continents meet to learn about gender inequality

9 September 2014 - With the Church of England’s ‘facilitated discussions’ credited with creating the conditions for the acceptance of women bishops, Christian Aid has brought together emerging church leaders from four continents to highlight some of the challenges around gender inequality.

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Christian Aid calls for end to identity-based violence in Iraq and UK

3 September 2014 - The recent upsurge in violence in Iraq has led to a major new humanitarian crisis with more than 1.45 million people forced to flee their homes since the start of the year, many of them from persecuted religious minorities including Yazidis, Shabak and around 100,000 Christians.

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