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EC shifts climate bill onto poor and vulnerable countries

European Commission proposals about how poor countries should be helped financially to deal with climate change show a ‘serious lack of ambition’ says Christian Aid.

The Commission said that EU should provide poor countries with between €2 -15bn annually for both adapting to climate change, and reducing emissions. Christian Aid and other climate justice campaigners say the figure should be €35bn a year.

Nelson Muffuh, advocacy coordinator at Christian Aid, said: ‘If this figure is accepted, the goal of limiting global warming to 2oC becomes ever more remote.

‘Pollution from rich countries is already having devastating effects in developing countries, through droughts, floods and tropical storms. Rich countries have to face up to their historic responsibility for the emissions that have caused climate change.’

Christian Aid also criticised the EC’s proposals as relying too heavily on the carbon market to raise the money. The market, it said, does not guarantee reliable financial flows and has earlier proved to disadvantage the poorest nations because of a lack of interest in investing in those countries.

The charity also attacked an annex to the commission’s proposal which said some of the money could come from official development assistance (ODA).

‘This is alarming,’ said Muffuh. ‘In the short term they seem to want to rely totally on ODA for adaptation support which threatens the poverty eradication objectives of developing countries by diverting already meagre resources.

‘For the crucial UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December to stand any chance of success, industrialised countries must strongly commit to providing substantial funding to cover the full incremental costs for sustainable development and adaptation to climate change in developing countries.

‘Many poorer nations are disappointed at the lack of EU leadership. After decades of broken aid promises, the trust gap between rich and poor countries, which it is essential to bridge if we are to counter climate change, simply widens.’

One positive aspect was the EC’s proposal that a specific climate fund be set up under the UN Convention. ‘This is a good initiative that we would like to see elaborated further since it would not be a donor controlled fund,’ said Muffuh.

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