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EU leaders leap to get Paris climate deal over the line

30 September 2016 - Christian Aid has welcomed today’s announcement that all 28 EU environment ministers have agreed unanimously to ratify the Paris climate agreement, paving the way for it to become international law in time for November’s UN climate talks in Marrakech.

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Tax is vital weapon against poverty and UK should use it better: aid watchdog

27 September 2016 - The UK’s aid watchdog today highlights how the Department for International Development could more effectively help poor countries to tackle the tax avoidance and evasion that rob them of billions, in a new report welcomed by Christian Aid.

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Closing gender gaps and empowering women in the economy: still a long way to go

23 September 2016 - Christian Aid has welcomed a new United Nations report calling for swift action to accelerate the ‘limited’ progress made in expanding economic opportunities for women, but the charity warns there is still a long way to go.

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Pledges bring hope to refugees for 2016, but what about next year?

21 September 2016 - Christian Aid welcomes the financial, resettlement and support pledges made at Tuesday’s Leaders’ Summit on Refugees, but said they were no substitute for more stable year-on-year funding and a permanent agreement on resettling refugees to meet the significant levels of need today.

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Philanthropists Unite To Offer Ground Breaking Fund To Cool The Planet

September 22 2016 - Christian Aid has welcomed the announcement from 17 philanthropic donors who have set up a new $53m fund to help developing countries improve their energy efficiency and phase out the use of potent greenhouse gasses known as HFCs.

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UK proposal for refugees puts even heavier burden on poor countries

September 19 2016 - Christian Aid has criticised the UK Prime Minister Theresa May for her government’s approach to control the movement of refugees globally, which - the charity says - puts the interests of rich countries first, while ignoring the needs of millions of people displaced.

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UN Summit: It's time to fix a string of failures in how the world treats refugees

September 19 2016 - Today’s UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants must be a turning point for the tens of millions of people forcibly on the move whose lives are degraded owing to a string of failures by the international community, the development agency Christian Aid has said.

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Syria cessation of hostilities welcome: humanitarian aid desperately needed

16 September 2016 - 100 organisations including Christian Aid have jointly welcomed the cessation of hostilities negotiated by the US and Russia this week, and urged them to use their influence to ensure full and unhindered humanitarian access throughout Syria.

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Priti Patel is right to target corruption and seek transparency, says Christian Aid

September 14 2016 - Responding to a newspaper article today by Development Secretary Priti Patel, Christian Aid’s Chief Executive Loretta Minghella said there was much with which to agree.

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Government is right to make bosses responsible for fraud by their staff

12 September 2016 - Government proposals to make company bosses responsible for fraud and tax evasion by their staff are welcome and should cover crimes committed in other countries as well as in the UK, Christian Aid said today.

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UK breakthrough will push multinationals to play fairer on tax

Tuesday 6 September 2016 - The UK has taken a significant step towards greater transparency and tax justice both at home and in poorer nations, after MPs last night changed the law.

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Summit to discuss UK action on the refugee crisis

6 September 2016 - Christian Aid and Citizens UK will host a summit this Saturday (10th September) in Birmingham, giving people a chance to take stock of the UK’s response to the crisis and press their politicians to do more.

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US and China move from the back to the front of the class on climate change

3 September 2016 - Christian Aid has welcomed the announcement from the US and China on their ratification of the Paris Agreement.

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Christian Aid welcomes MPs' answer to tax crisis highlighted by Apple

2 September 2016 - MPs are suggesting a simple way in which the UK could help end global secrecy around the finances of multinationals such as Apple, Christian Aid said today.

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Brazil: Dilma’s impeachment was ‘coup’ that will intensify country’s woes

1 September 2016 - President Dilma’s impeachment amounts to a coup which will worsen already extreme inequalities within Brazil and harm people and the environment, Christian Aid and its partner organisations are warning.

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