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Clarifications, corrections and statements from Christian Aid.

Christian Aid calls for an end to armed violence in Juba

11 July 2016 - Christian Aid is extremely concerned about the safety of civilians caught up in the armed clashes in Juba, South Sudan’s capital city.

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Chilcot report: Iraq today

6 July 2016 - 'While we consider the impact of the Chilcot report let us remember those in Iraq who suffer from the results of political decisions made elsewhere in the world.'

Chilcot report

Christian Aid responds to killing of Palestinian campaigner Baha Nababta

Baba Nababta, a Palestinian campaigner

12 May 2016 - Christian Aid pays tribute to Baha Nababta, a young Palestinian campaigner for justice, who was shot and killed last week.

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Christian Aid: response to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) review

14 January 2016 - Christian Aid responds to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) review of the charity sector’s data protection compliance in telephone fundraising.

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Christian Aid: women and girls deserve more from their governments

10 March 2015 - Christian Aid is concerned that the political declaration soon to be adopted by member states of the United Nations does not reflect the urgency needed to dismantle gender inequality.

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The Independent Commission on Aid Impact report on 'DFID's Approach to Anti-Corruption'

4 November 2014 - Response from Christian Aid and other NGOs to the Independent Commission on Aid Impact report on 'DFID's Approach to Anti-Corruption'

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Christian Aid research on commodity trading via Switzerland

25 July 2014 -There have been recent questions raised regarding research published by Christian Aid in relation to commodity trading via Switzerland

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US$160bn - the price of tax dodging in developing world

August 2014 - Christian Aid’s 2008 estimate that US$160bn is lost annually to the developing world from tax evasion by multinationals and other businesses engaged in international trade seeking to minimise their tax liability, has been questioned of late. The following statement is intended to clarify matters, and explain why we continue to use the figure.

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A response to commentators who say that charities are exempt from tax

Christian Aid logo

15 July 2014 - A response to commentators who say that charities are exempt from tax

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Christian Aid response to tax avoidance scheme media coverage

10 July 2014 - Christian Aid has this week found itself part of a widely reported media story about an aggressive tax avoidance scheme used by top businessmen, celebrities, QCs, NHS doctors, political party donors and a judge.

Our stance on tax

Christian Aid calls for protection for all civilians

Christian Aid logo

2 July 2014 - Christian Aid is alarmed at the increased level of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. It is due to the failure of peace talks and lack of genuine effort to find a viable solution to the conflict that we are witnessing yet more innocent civilian casualties.

Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

Tackling Violence, Building Peace - Rowan Williams' parliamentary lecture

12 May 2014 - Our Chair, Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury delivered Christian Aid’s inaugural parliamentary lecture to mark the launch of Christian Aid Week on 9 May. Here is the transcript of what he said.

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NGOs condemn attacks on civilians in South Sudan and emphasize a need for urgent humanitarian assistance

07 May 2014 - The undersigned non-governmental organisations (NGOs) express deep concern at the serious escalation in violence in South Sudan, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians and is exacerbating an already profound humanitarian crisis.

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25 organizations call for an end to demolitions of Palestinian homes

7 February 2014 - 25 organizations call for an end to demolitions of Palestinian homes and obstruction of aid

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Christian Aid US

28 January 2014 - Christian Aid disassociates itself entirely from comments made by an American organisation of the same name that they are proselytizing among Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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Christian Aid investments

Syrian refugee Leyla with other children in northern Iraq

11 December 2013 - An overview of Christian Aid's investments and management of funds in accordance with its ethical standards.

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Egypt crisis: Christian Aid call to respect rights and minorities

31 October 2013 - Christian Aid is calling for all Egyptian leaders and citizens to respect human rights and work together to protect the rights of all, including those of minority groups.

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Christian Aid's response to the Telegraph story about funds for Syria

4 October 2013 - A response to the Daily Telegraph story about its Syria funding story of October 4 (online), in the printed October 5 edition

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Humanitarian agencies welcome unanimous Security Council statement calling for unimpeded humanitarian access in Syria, urge swift implementation

3 October 2013 - A coalition of 16 international humanitarian organisations welcome today’s unanimous statement of the UN Security Council calling on all parties to the conflict in Syria to facilitate safe and unhindered humanitarian access to all civilians in need throughout the country.

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Greenpeace protesters held by Russian authorities

30 September 2013 - Christian Aid is deeply concerned at the way in which peaceful protesters from Greenpeace are being held in prison by the Russian authorities and may face piracy charges.

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Milestones for peace: an on-­going process

23 September 2013 - The Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the region outlines a common vision for the future of the DRC and the Great Lakes.

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Christian Aid response to UK announcement of additional aid for victims of Syria conflict

6 September 2013 - Christian Aid’s Head of Middle East Janet Symes responds to the announcement today of an additional £52m of British aid to victims of the Syrian conflict.

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UK Government work on Syria has only just begun

30 August 2013 - Christian Aid welcomes the UK Government’s decision against military intervention in Syria and calls for efforts for a political solution to the conflict to be re-doubled.

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Escalating military conflict in Syria: civilians will pay the price

28 August 2013 - As the international community considers its response to the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria, Christian Aid condemns the use of such weapons and other indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

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Times Letters: Are some charities too big for their boots?

21 August 2013 - Laura Taylor, Head of Advocacy, responds to Libby Purves' column 'Push too hard and we lose our faith in charity'.

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Loretta Minghella’s salary 2012/13

5 August 2013 - a national newspaper has drawn attention to the salaries of the CEOs of a number of major British charities. Christian Aid was one of those named. We issued the following statement to the newspaper in question.

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Christian Aid welcomes EU's stance on Israeli settlements

19 July 2013 - Christian Aid welcomes the announcement made by the European Union earlier this week that future agreements between the EU and Israel must exclude settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, which are illegal under international law. We believe that this is a positive step towards ensuring that international law is upheld.

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PACS statement

18 July 2013 - Christian Aid responds to reports that an outbreak of food poisoning at a school in the Indian state of Bihar involved food provided under a free meal scheme monitored by the UK Government under its Poorest Areas Civil Society Programme (PACS) scheme in India.

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Energy Bill

4 June 2013 - Dr Alison Doig, Senior Adviser on Climate Change, and Chris Hegarty, Senior Adviser on Policy, Scotland, state that Westminster should follow Scots' lead on renewables.

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Aid and security in Somalia

3 June 2013 - Christian Aid's Cristina Ruiz responds to the news that the UK and other countries have pledged £50m in aid to Somalia to help rebuild its security forces.

Security in Somalia

Guardian letters: Paying tax is absolutely a moral issue

23 May 2013 - Canon Geoff Daintree, Christian Aid's Church Advocacy Adviser, responds to Sir Roger Carr's claim that there can be no moral basis to concerns about tax avoidance.

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Global tax avoidance, The Independent, 16 May

20 May 2013 - Christine Allen, Director of Policy & Public Affairs at Christian Aid, comments on The Independent's article on global tax avoidance.

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Response to 'Brass Tax' in The Times, 17 May

20 May 2013 - Christine Allen, Christian Aid's Director of Policy & Public Affairs, responds to The Times' article on aggressive tax avoidance.

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Christian Aid response to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact's new report on DFID support for civil society organisations through Programme Partnership Agreements

17 May 2013 - The Independent Commission for Aid Impact's (ICAI) investigation gave Christian Aid and others the chance to demonstrate how PPAs have improved our work against poverty and injustice. In addition, it has usefully identified how PPAs could be improved in future.

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Christian Aid’s Senior Adviser on Climate Change, Dr Alison Doig, responds to The Guardian’s story about investment in coal power stations in Europe

13 May 2013 - 'It is not only environmental campaigners who oppose European investments in coal power (European energy chief puts forward case for funding coal, 13 May). It is also mainstream scientists, concerned citizens and the people Christian Aid works with across the developing world, who are already feeling the impacts of a changing climate on their lives.

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No Cold Calling on the Today Programme, May 8 2013

9 May 2013 - In response to the item broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on May 8, 2013, Christian Aid would like to clarify its approach to ‘No Cold Calling zones’ and their relevance to charitable collections.

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Letter in response to Jeffrey Sachs’ article 'Austerity exposes the global threat from tax havens' in the Financial Times

2 May 2013 - 'Jeffrey Sachs’ account of tax havens’ devastating effects on the rest of the world is spot on (Austerity exposes the global threat from tax havens, 30 April). We hope his warning will sharpen minds ahead of the Group of Seven finance ministers’ meeting on May 10th and 11th, which is not currently due to discuss tax havens.

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End of bilateral aid in South Africa

1 May 2013 - Christian Aid responds to April 30th announcement by International Development Secretary Justine Greening that the British government will end bilateral aid in South Africa from 2015.

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Christian Aid voices deep concern at talk of aid money being spent on military intervention in fragile states

21 February 2013 - Britain can be proud of the quality of its overseas development work and Christian Aid fully supports the Government’s move towards the UN target of 0.7% of gross national income on overseas aid by the end of this year.

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BBC Africa

12 February 2013 - The inclusion by the BBC Africa TV series of a climate change statistic, now disputed, from a Christian Aid report has led to criticism of both the broadcaster and this organisation.

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Christian Aid’s response to the speech given by Shadow Development Secretary Ivan Lewis on Tuesday 29th January, setting out the Labour Party’s thinking about world development in the years after 2015

30 January 2013 - Helen Dennis, Senior Adviser on Poverty and Inequality, said: ‘We welcome the Labour Party’s proposal for a “social contract without borders” and for a post-2015 development plan which includes eradicating absolute poverty by 2030 and which recognises the critical need for action on inequality, women’s rights and environmental sustainability.

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Effectiveness of existing legislation to protect women in India must be addressed, says Christian Aid

24 January 2013 - With street protests in Delhi demanding an end to violence against women after the rape and murder of a young medical student on a bus, Christian Aid says it is the effectiveness of already existing legislation to protect women that must be addressed by the authorities.

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Times newspaper article on aid – Christian Aid’s response

9 January 2013 - We were surprised to see Alice Thomson repeating her misleading claim from last autumn regarding Christian Aid’s work with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) in India.

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Sunday Telegraph report: clarification

26 September 2012 - Christian Aid responds to a Sunday Telegraph report of 23 September 2012 in which staff were quoted in an article critical of aid funded by DFID.

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