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Christian Aid calls for protection for all civilians

2 July 2014 (updated 9 July) - Christian Aid is alarmed at the increased level of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, and calls for an immediate ceasefire.

It is due to the failure of peace talks and lack of genuine effort to find a viable solution to the conflict that we are witnessing yet more innocent civilian casualties.

Sadly, civilians will continue to pay the price as long as Israeli and Palestinian political leaders continue to delegitimise each other and fail to take the necessary steps for meaningful peace. Such a peace must treat every life as sacred and of equal value.

Recent killings

Christian Aid condemns the recent killings of Israeli and Palestinian civilians in the occupied Palestinian territory. Our prayers go out to all their families during these very difficult times and we call for the perpetrators of these crimes to be brought to justice. 

These latest tragedies are a harsh reminder of the human suffering that is never far away for Israelis and Palestinians. More families can now be added to all those others who have suffered unimaginable loss and despair.

Maximum restraint

Christian Aid implores all Israelis and Palestinians to exercise maximum restraint and take urgent steps in order to avoid more civilian deaths and suffering. We are gravely concerned at the increase of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and of air and sea strikes by Israel in Gaza.

In addition, many Palestinians, whether in the West Bank or Gaza, are experiencing intensified levels of closure, arbitrary arrest, restrictions to movement and unchecked settler violence.

Clearly kidnap, murder, bombing and terrorising civilian communities are all actions to be unequivocally condemned as uncivilised, abhorrent and plain wrong.

Adherence to international law

Once again, we repeat our call for strict adherence to international law by all actors, to avoid further loss of life and injury. We urge all parties on all sides to shun any retributive or disproportionate actions against innocent civilian communities and desist from all forms of collective punishment.

Attacks against civilians, whoever the perpetrator, must be condemned whether committed by state or non-state actors. Any violations of international law or human rights should be addressed through proper channels of accountability and with respect for international systems that have been established explicitly to protect civilians.

Security is a basic human need and right and until all Israelis and Palestinians recognise that the security of one is indivisible from the other, more innocent men, women and children will suffer or pay the ultimate price for continued political failure.




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