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Christian Aid's response to the Telegraph story about funds for Syria

4 October 2013 - The Daily Telegraph reports a concern that aid funds destined for Syria may end up in the wrong hands.

Our response to that article:

In Syria itself, as well as in neighbouring Lebanon and Iraq, Christian Aid works through trusted partners.

We are entirely satisfied that they ensure that the aid we fund reaches the people for whom it is intended. We have rigorous monitoring and accountability measures in place which gives us this confidence.

Within Syria we are funding the work of one organisation to provide for shelter, food, hygiene kits and blankets.

We have a strong financial trail for this money, through traceable bank accounts.

That organisation has good visibility of the work in Syria on the ground, as they have maintained monitoring trips into Syria from Lebanon throughout the conflict, through which they check that the monitoring procedures on the ground in Syria are working effectively.

In neighbouring countries Christian Aid funds existing partners who are operational themselves.

Christian Aid has full visibility of the work, as there are regular monitoring visits to those partners and locations.