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Bishop to sleep in a stable to raise £5000 for charity

December 14 2012 - Next week the Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, will be spending a cold winter’s night in a stable to raise money for those without a roof over their head.

On Thursday December 20, Rev Lowson will be sleeping in a stable near Harmston in Lincolnshire in a bid to raise £5000 to support Christian Aid’s Favela project in Brazil and the work of a homeless charity in Lincoln, the Nomad Trust.

The Bishop was inspired by both the Christmas story and suffering of many without shelter around the world. He said: ‘The nativity story is often romanticised into something rather charming and magical, and by doing this I hope to discover some of the harsh realities experienced by Mary and Joseph - and hundreds of people around the country and the world who have no bed to sleep in.

‘Anything people can give to help me raise much-needed money for those in overwhelming need close to home, and those around the world, will be greatly appreciated.’

With just a sleeping bag and a flask, the Bishop will spend the entire night in the stable, with a bed made from straw bales. He is being supported by other clergy in the Lincoln Diocese who will also be braving the cold December night in stables across Lincolnshire.

Rev Lowson is raising money for Christian Aid’s Favela project which focuses on improving the living conditions of families who dwell in the slums and work in the informal economy in downtown São Paulo, Brazil. 

It is one of the projects supported by Christian Aid’s 'partnership scheme' where churches, schools and groups pledge to raise £5000 over two years for a specific project. They receive regular updates from the project they are supporting and their fundraising efforts are at least tripled in their impact as every pound is ‘match-funded’ by the European Union.

Mara Manzoni Luz, Christian Aid’s country manager for Brazil, said: ‘We’d like to say a huge thank you to Bishop Christopher for braving the cold conditions to raise funds for those in São Paulo in Brazil who are unable to find work and accommodation and have no alternative but to sleep on the streets or in favelas each night.

'We are grateful to all in his diocese and around the UK who are committed to ending the scandal of poverty and inequality.’

Christian Aid Director, Loretta Minghella, added: ‘The majority of people living in extreme income poverty no longer do so in low-income countries, but are on the wrong end of inequality in middle-income countries.

‘We thank Bishop Christopher for supporting Christian Aid's partners' work with marginalised communities living on the streets or in the favelas of Brazil.’

To find out more please visit www.lincoln.anglican.org/stable or to make your donation towards to Bishop’s target, please visit www.charitygiving.co.uk/stablesleepout

To find out more about the 'partnership scheme' or sign up to be part of it, please visit the Christian Aid website or contact our London Christian Aid partnerships team on 020 8123 7523 or partnershipscheme@christian-aid.org

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For more information or interviews please contact: Judi Perry, East Midlands Regional Coordinator Christian Aid - Phone: 01509 265013 Email: jperry@christian-aid.org

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