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Christian Aid responds to EU climate proposals

25 February 2015 - Christian Aid has today given a cautious welcome to the EU’s proposals towards a global climate deal to be signed later this year in Paris.

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Christian Aid responds to Plaid Cymru and SDLP support for Tax Dodging Bill

23 February 2015 - Laura Taylor, Head of Advocacy, responds to new announcements of political support for the Tax Dodging Bill for which Christian Aid and others are campaigning.

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Christian Aid welcomes bishops’ call for Christians to engage in politics

17 February 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed today’s intervention from the Church of England encouraging Christians to engage in politics and use their democratic voice for the common good.

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Rowan Williams: Politics isn’t just about elections, it’s about how we live together

16 February 2015 - With the General Election less than 100 days away and the campaign trail topping the news agenda, three Christian organisations are holding a conference to help people explore what it means to engage with politics from a faith perspective.

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Christian Aid responds to Green Party announcement on tax dodging

13 February 2015 - Christian Aid’s Head of Advocacy Laura Taylor Welcomes the Green Party’s announcement of its support for a Tax Dodging Bill, to be introduced within 100 days of the election.

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Christian Aid welcomes Geneva climate ‘clay’ to be shaped for Paris

13 February 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed agreement of the document that will form a global climate change deal to be signed in Paris in December.

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Faith leaders' pivotal role in Ebola response was overlooked

11 February 2015 - As Ebola infection rates drop in Sierra Leone, Christian relief agencies are urging global and national institutions, donors and policy makers to ensure Sierra Leone’s faith leaders are given a “pivotal” role in their post-Ebola recovery plans.

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Christian Aid responds to Labour announcement on tax dodging

11 February 2015 - Christian Aid’s Head of Advocacy Laura Taylor responds to the Labour announcement of new measures to tackle tax dodging.

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Era of bank secrecy still far from over for developing countries: Christian Aid

6 February 2015 G20 Finance Ministers meeting in Istanbul this weekend still have much to do if the claim ‘the era of bank secrecy is over’ is to mean anything in developing counties.

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Tax is a moral issue says Christian Aid as MPs unveil new report on large accountancy firms

6 February 2015 Commenting before the release of a new Public Accounts Committee report on the role of large accountancy firms in tax avoidance, Toby Quantrill, Principal Economic Justice Adviser at Christian Aid said: “Scandals such as Lux leaks have highlighted the chasm between what is ‘legal’ and what the vast majority of people in Britain regard as morally right.

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Archbishop Justin Welby is right to speak out on tax justice, says Christian Aid

4 February 2015 - Archbishop Justin Welby’s comments today about the importance of companies paying their fair share of tax in the countries where they make their money are extremely welcome, says Christian Aid.

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