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Christian Aid ready to respond as cyclone hits Burma

Christian Aid is calling on the international community and the Burmese government to use all available means to help those affected by cyclone Nargis.

Cyclone Nargis hit Burma on 2 May. There are reports of extensive damage and loss of life, but a clear picture of the extent of the destruction is still to emerge.

Christian Aid has several partners in Burma who are assessing the impact of the cyclone. The agency has made emergency funds available and is continuing to monitor the situation closely.

Cyclone Nargis was brewing in the Bay of Bengal for several days but communities in the affected areas would have been unprepared due to a lack of early warning systems. There is no question that the cyclone will have had a very significant impact on the lives of the people in these areas.

Power and telecommunication services are down making contact with organisations inside the country difficult.

‘We hope that the international community and the Burmese government can work together to help those whose lives have been devastated by the cyclone,’ said Ray Hasan from Christian Aid.

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