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Faith leaders speak together at UK’s largest ever Climate March

30 November 2015 - Environmentally concerned leaders from the three Abrahamic faiths addressed the UK’s largest ever climate change march in London on Sunday, calling on the British government to step up its efforts against climate change and help shift the world to renewable energy, to save the planet from the ravages of dangerous climate change.

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World's most vulnerable countries make important COP21 intervention

30 November 2015 - Christian Aid has welcomed the declaration later today by the Climate Vulnerable Forum, 20 countries most at risk of climate change, calling on world leaders at the Paris summit to work towards limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

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UK pilgrims witness delivery of faith-based petition as 1.8 million people urge UN to act on climate change

29 November 2015 - Climate campaigners mobilised by Christian Aid, Tearfund, CAFOD and the Church of England marked the end of their 200-mile ‘Pilgrimage2Paris’ yesterday by joining faith leaders and pilgrims from across the world, to deliver petitions containing nearly 1.8 million signatures to the United Nations climate chief.

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Paris summit provides final chance for countries to play their climate cards

27 November 2015 - With representatives from nearly 200 nations meeting in Paris next week to strike a long awaited climate change deal, Christian Aid warns that the agreement itself will not prevent dangerous global warming. around multinationals’ taxes.

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All departments share responsibility for ending poverty, says Christian Aid

23 November 2015 - Responding to the UK’s aid review published today, Christian Aid commended the Government for recognising it must go ‘beyond aid’ and bring all departments on board to eradicate poverty and strengthen global governance.

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Jews, Muslims and Christians stand shoulder to shoulder in call for climate action

23 November 2015 - Jewish, Muslim and Christian organisations will march together calling for action to address climate change on Sunday November 29th, united by a shared concern for protection of the earth and all who live on it.

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Two steps closer to ending climate polluting coal, says Christian Aid

18 November 2015 - Christian Aid today welcomes Energy Secretary Amber Rudd’s announcement that the UK will stop using coal and also notes a new OECD agreement to tighten restrictions on exports of coal technology. around multinationals’ taxes.

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Here’s what responsible tax looks like, charities advise multinationals

17 November 2015 - There are many steps multinationals can take towards more responsible tax practices, three charities say in a new report today.

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Chistian Aid welcomes new EU guidelines for labelling Israeli settlement products

13 November 2015 - Christian Aid welcomes new guidelines that will require the true provenance of goods and produce exported from Israeli settlements on the West Bank for sale in the EU to be clearly labelled. Until now, such exports have generally been labelled “Made in Israel.” around multinationals’ taxes.

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Christian Aid's Refugee Crisis Appeal raises £1 million

9 November 2015 - Christian Aid’s Refugee Crisis Appeal, launched in September to deliver humanitarian aid to those affected by the crisis, has topped £1 million. around multinationals’ taxes.

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How the impact of illicit drugs is changing the economies, governance and social fabric of entire nations

November 6 2015 -The illicit drugs trade is now so powerful that it is virtually shaping the economies, governance and social fabric of entire nations, says a new report commissioned by Christian Aid.

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Whistle blowers across Europe demand end to multinationals’ tax secrecy

6 November 2015 - Whistle blowing activists gathered outside the UK Treasury and in other European capitals today, to support the whistle-blowers who exposed the LuxLeaks tax scandal a year ago and to demand an end to secrecy around multinationals’ taxes.

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UK takes two-faced approach to tax, new report suggests

2 November 2015 - The UK government has a ‘Janus-faced’ approach to tax, a new report suggests today: promising an increasingly intolerant approach to evasion and avoidance while being an aggressive participant in global tax competition and tolerating the UK tax havens which facilitate financial crime across the world.

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UN climate report shows urgent need for review mechanism says Christian Aid

October 30 2015 - With a month to go before the COP 21 climate summit in Paris Christian Aid has welcomed today’s publication of the UN’s aggregation report, summarising country actions that will make up the global deal.

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Christian Aid sends funds to help victims of Afghanistan-Pakistan quake

28 October 2015 - Christian Aid has sent £50,000 to help meet the mounting needs of victims in both Afghanistan and Pakistan after Monday’s earthquake.

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Bonn talks: Paris deal close but climate finance is the elephant in the room

October 23 2015 - As the climate talks in Bonn came to a close on Friday, Christian Aid hailed the progress made on a global agreement to be signed in Paris, but warned that rich countries’ attempts to back out of their prior commitments on climate finance would not work.

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Food security in South Sudan reaches ‘catastrophic’ levels

22 October 2015 - An alert released today by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) highlights food security in parts of South Sudan has deteriorated to ‘catastrophic’ and ‘emergency’ levels, says Christian Aid.

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Famous photographers auction work for Christian Aid’s 70th anniversary

22 October 2015 - Sebastião Salgado, Don McCullin, Tom Stoddart and Tim Hetherington are amongst ten high profile photographers who have donated a print taken on assignment with Christian Aid to an online auction which opens on 6 November 2015.

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Closing borders and cold weather compound refugees’ miseries

22 October 2015 - With thousands of people once again stuck at the Serbia-Croatian border overnight in harsh weather conditions, Christian Aid partner Philanthropy is scaling up its response to meet the growing humanitarian needs.

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Bonn climate talks: ratchet mechanism and finance key to meeting G77+China needs

October 22 2015 - Today the G77+China group at the UN climate talks in Bonn, made an intervention calling for a more balanced approach to the current negotiations working towards a global agreement to be signed in Paris this December.

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Time for UK government to leave coal burning in the past, says Christian Aid.

21 October 2015 - Christian Aid today called for the Prime Minister to fulfill his promise to phase out coal power ahead of the global climate change summit next month.

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New ruling against ‘sweetheart’ tax deals could have global impact: Christian Aid

October 21 2015 - The European Commission’s new ruling against ‘sweetheart’ tax deals, between Starbucks and the Netherlands and between Fiat Chrysler and Luxembourg, is a critically important recognition that one country’s tax decisions can severely damage other countries, Christian Aid says today.

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Lack of tax revenue can create ‘failing states’, warns Dr Rowan Williams

20 October 2015 - Poor countries which are unable to collect enough tax to fund public services risk becoming ‘failing states’, Christian Aid Chair Dr Rowan Williams warned today at a tax debate organised by the Confederation of British Industry.

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Climate talks: poor countries should have nothing to fear from stronger emission targets

October 19 2015 - Civil society has today published its review of national climate plans that will make up the global agreement at COP 21 in Paris next month. Findings show that developing countries are already doing more than their fair share, and rich countries need to be willing to do much more.

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Christian Aid joins calls for investigation into US airstrike on Afghan hospital

October 9 2015 - Christian Aid today joined calls for a commission set up under the Geneva Conventions to investigate the US bombing of a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Afghanistan which killed 12 medical staff and 10 patients. A further 24 staff and nine patients remain unaccounted for.

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Christian Aid helps fund emergency food for drought victims in Honduras

6 October 2015 - Christian Aid has released £75,000 to its partner organisations in Honduras to deliver emergency food rations to more than 1,200 families in the south of the country, who have been affected by a severe drought.

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'Sticking-plaster approach' will not end multinational tax dodging crisis

2 October 2015 - New proposals on how to make multinationals pay their taxes amount to a ‘sticking-plaster approach’ which will leave global companies in a position to continue to cheat poor countries out of billions every year, Christian Aid warns today.

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Christian Aid hails big shift in Indian energy mix

2 October 2015 - Christian Aid today welcomes the bold decision by India to include 40 per cent renewables in its electricity mix by 2030.

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Malawi food crisis: nearly 3 million at risk

1 October 2015 - Close to 3 million people are predicted to face hunger and acute food shortages in Malawi in the coming months, with potentially devastating effects for the country’s most vulnerable communities, says Christian Aid.

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