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Christian Aid Calls on David Cameron to Go Further Against Secrecy in UK Tax Havens

September 30 2015 - Christian Aid today welcomed the Prime Minister’s call for Britain's tax havens to move away from secrecy and called on him to go further in advance of November’s Overseas Territories summit in London.

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New SwissLeaks analysis reveals how tax haven secrecy harms developing countries

30 September 2015 - New, detailed examination of the SwissLeaks files by Christian Aid working with the US-based Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC) graphically reveals the harm tax haven secrecy does to the economies of developing countries.

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Climate change: UK Government takes important step, says Christian Aid

27 September 2015 - Christian Aid welcomes the UK government’s announcement that it has increased its climate finance commitment ahead of the UN talks in Paris this December.

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David Cameron is right to target corruption and secrecy

27 September 2015 - Christian Aid welcomes David Cameron’s clarion call at the United Nations today for governments to achieve the Global Goals, leaving no-one behind.

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World needs concerted action on all the goals, Christian Aid tells UK Prime Minister

27 September 2015 - As UK Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to address the UN General Assembly in New York today, Christian Aid praised his government for helping to create the new Global Goals and said it should now follow up with a comprehensive action plan for work across Whitehall.

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World stands at a crossroads between pain and hope, as Global Goals launch

25 September 2015 - As Pope Francis, world leaders and rock stars gather in New York today to launch the Global Goals, Christian Aid says the world stands at a crossroads between pain and hope.

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Remember the victims, urges Christian Aid, as Colombia looks set to end 50 years of armed conflict

24 September 2015 - An agreement between the Colombian government and rebel group FARC to sign a peace deal in six months, set up a Truth Commission, and establish special courts to deal with crimes related to the country’s 50-year armed conflict is momentous, said Christian Aid today.

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EU refugee cash boost welcome – but UK must do more to ease crisis in Europe

24 September 2015 - Christian Aid today welcomed the EU decision to give €1bn to UN agencies in the Middle East supporting Syrian refugees, saying the relief effort is drastically underfunded, and needs a massive boost as winter approaches.

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New help for flood and storm-hit families in Bangladesh

22 September 2015 - Christian Aid has launched a new recovery project in South East Bangladesh to help people who lost their homes, crops and livestock in relentless June storms that triggered flash floods and landslides.

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Faith leaders urge Prime Minister to keep his promises to world’s people in poverty

18 September 2015 - Christian, Islamic and Jewish leaders gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral in London today to urge the Prime Minister to ensure the UK plays its part in achieving new international goals to tackle poverty and inequality and protect the environment in every country.

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EU refugee talks 'disappointing' says Christian Aid: fairness and vision needed

15 September 2015 - Christian Aid today renewed its call for EU members to respond with fairness and vision to the present refugee crisis, saying it was disappointed at the outcome of ministerial talks in Brussels yesterday.

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Christian Aid calls on government to get out of coal with Big Shift campaign

14 September 2015 - Christian Aid today launches its Big Shift campaign aimed at persuading the UK government and industry to move away from the use of fossil fuels, particularly coal – the dirtiest fuel of all.

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Christian Aid launches refugee crisis appeal

10 September 2015 - Christian Aid today launches an appeal to support partner agencies in Europe working to alleviate suffering in the present refugee crisis, and organisations in the Middle East providing emergency relief to those forced from their homes by the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

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Government plans for Syrian refugees must include immediate resettlement for 10,000, says Christian Aid

7 September 2015 - Christian Aid today commended the Government’s decision to accept more Syrian refugees into the UK, but said the plan must include the immediate resettlement of 10,000 people.

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New FTSE100 survey should boost moves towards corporate tax transparency

7 September 2015 - MPs should be emboldened by a new survey of FTSE100 companies which finds only a small minority say they would actively oppose the introduction of new legal requirements to reveal more about their finances, Christian Aid says today.

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UK should take more Syrian refugees, 10,000 is a minimum, says Christian Aid

4 September 2015 - Christian Aid today welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge that the UK will increase the number of Syrian refugees it allows in, but said the numbers must be ambitious.

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Bonn climate talks: time to show UN process can work

4 September 2015 - As talks to deliver a global climate deal at the end of the year closed in Bonn, Germany, today Christian Aid welcomed the progress made but warned leaders time was running out.

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