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May 25

Matthew 5, 3-4

Something to read

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
New Revised Standard Version 

Something to think about

Here’s the rub with Realm of God values: Jesus isn’t suggesting ‘do this and you’ll be blessed’. Jesus is saying, ‘these people (the poor in spirit, the ones who mourn) are blessed.’

It’s about the present state of affairs rather than something to work on. It’s not about becoming something but who you already are, so the poor in spirit, the mourners: you are already blessed because of who you are.

And it leaves us with our eyes wide open to whom God turns towards in compassion and where God meets us in the world.

When we see the poor in spirit, we see the people to whom God is already giving of Godself; the mourners are already the people God gives everything to.

And as that is true, then perhaps all of us are called to turn towards the people we see carry Godself, the touching place where heaven and Earth meet: heaven’s blessing in Earth’s brokenness. 

Something to do

Spend some time listening to the news. Listen for the voices (often unheard) of the blessed. What do you hear them say about where God meets the world?

Something to pray

God of blessing,
may we be the meeting places
of heaven and earth:
the blessing of heaven
in the brokenness of the world;
may we find the words
to speak into the world;
be the justice
that will transform the world;
the people
that give of ourselves;
and through this living in you,
bless the world,
with life. 

Today's contributor is the Rev Roddy Hamilton, Minister of the Church of Scotland at New Kilpatrick Parish Church, Bearsden


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