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May 27

Matthew 5, 7-8

Something to read

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
New Revised Standard Version 

Something to think about

The image of the world that comes through the beatitudes is one where our living is centred on the community of God. They bring us closer to being God’s kingdom people - for God’s community is not a geographical state or an area of land, but a way of being in the world. Thus God’s realm is everywhere in the people to trust these words and respond to them and recognise their truth in the world.

The beatitudes describe how it is to be in God’s community, rather than an instruction on how to do something that creates that community. Indeed, it is an affirmation of the realm of God in the here and now: when you are merciful, you have created space the kingdom fills; when you are pure in heart, you have brought everything together that brings the kingdom into reality right there and then.

Brendan Freeman, a Trappist monk from Iowa, says that the Beatitudes 'draw our hearts out of themselves into a new way of understanding our lives... they are deliberately incomplete. They await the inclusion of our lives. Each person fills in the blank space with the details of his or her own life situation.' 

Something to do

Accompany someone on their journey today. Travel with them physically or spiritually or in care through conversation and discussion. The incompleteness of journeys is God’s blessing for these are the places we can be who God has called us to be within the community in which we exist. 

Something to pray

God of blessing,
may we be the outpouring of your in-pouring,
may we be the practice of your promise,
may we be the next chapter of your story,
and when paths are incomplete,
and lives not yet fully realised,
may we be the faithful
who journey on the way,
working towards and through the fullness of life
for every life we meet. 

Today's contributor is the Rev Roddy Hamilton, Minister of the Church of Scotland at New Kilpatrick Parish Church, Bearsden


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