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September 6

Exodus 20, 14

Something to read

You shall not commit adultery.

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Something to think about

In his book ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, Graham Tomlin writes 'Lust is bad, not because "sex is dirty", but because sexual desire distorted in this way is deeply and cruelly self-centred… Sin is always a parody… sin always has at its heart something good… It always takes something precious or valuable and mangles it, distorts it and makes it ugly, turning a swan into an ugly duckling.' 

In opposing adultery God’s law does not negate the pleasure, joy and beauty of sex, but sets it firmly in the context of a faithful, loving marriage.

Adultery is exposed as a distortion of faithful love. Adultery is more than just a personal hurt, a dishonouring of the wedding vow. It is a challenge to the integrity of marriage and its place at the heart of society, and above all it is a crime against Yahweh, a reflection of the infidelity and idolatry of God’s people.

Equally adultery will invariably involve multiple transgressions - notably David, in committing adultery with Bathsheba, also broke at the very least the tenth, ninth, and sixth commandments. Adultery is extraordinarily destructive.

Something to do

If you are adversely affected by sexual temptation ask the Lord to help you resist and determine to make changes that distance you from the sources of temptation.

Consider how faithful you are in your relationships. In certain key relationships, consider how you might reflect the faithfulness and love the Lord shows to you.

Something to pray

Because I have remembered you, Lord God,
you listen to my prayer
you hear my cry and you answer me;
you bring me out of the darkest depths,
you forgive all my sins.
I praise you with a song of thanksgiving
and ask you to help me be faithful in my promises
to You and to all I love.
Salvation comes from the Lord.
Based on Jonah 2

Today’s contributor is the Rev Jeremy Allcock, Vicar of St Stephen’s, Westbourne Park, west London, and Area Dean of Paddington.


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