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At Christian Aid we are strongly committed to inspire and encourage churches and individuals to hold poor communities in prayer.

On this page you will find prayer resources for some of the different thematic areas we work on, monthly prayers which include a prayer to tie in with every week’s lectionary reading, prayers for issues in the news, as well as prayers for emergencies.


Injured child

Pray for current issues

To help you pray for issues of international development and justice by yourself or in your church, we have prayers for issues currently in the news.   

  Current issues in the newsEmergencies and disasters


Weekly worship


Please use our prayers in your church this week.

For ending poverty

In prayer outside St Uraels Church, Addis Ababa.

Join us to pray for an end to poverty.

For climate change

Flooding in Sudan. Picture: Alertnet

Join us to pray about issues of climate change.

For HIV and AIDS

HIV T-shirt -- Pic: Christian Aid/Guy Tillim

Pray for those affected by HIV and AIDS.

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Prayer diary

Download our prayer diary for August - November 2017

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