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Prayers about the issues of climate change

Global climate change is having a devastating impact on the lives of people around the world.

Christian Aid partners are working hard to support communities working to protect their livelihoods.

And in the UK, Christian Aid campaigners are lobbying the government to give the poorest people a voice in climate negotiations.

Support our partners and the campaign by bringing the issues to God in prayer.

Prayer following the climate change talks in Durban

A prayer by Linda Anderson

Christ our Lord,
Many of us have taken action, campaigned,
and called on our leaders to negotiate a fair deal for the world’s poor in Durban.

We have petitioned and prayed
that you would grant wisdom and courage to the world’s leaders.

The news coming out of the summit is disappointing
to those of us who long to see justice.
It is hard not to feel that they, and we, have failed to deliver for the world’s poor.

Be with us in our disappointment,
and help us not to become despondent
or to give up fighting for what is right.

Instead help us to focus on what lies ahead,
and to seek your wisdom
as we look for new ways of speaking out about global inequality.

Remind us that our calling to care for the world and its people
Reflects your own heart for the poor
And that you are with us
as we seek to serve them
In your name.

Motivate us afresh to take action
Remind us of the hope that is to be found in you
Inspire us to keep on following your example
And working with you to restore a broken world


For more information about the climate change talks in Durban and Christian Aid’s response read more about our  climate change campaign.  

Theology of climate change

Read All creation groaning , our paper that explains more about the theology that underpins our response to the changing climate. 

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