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Reflections on 'Give us this day our daily bread'


As part of the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF campaign Christian Aid, with CAFOD and Tearfund, have asked writers to reflect on the text 'Give us this day our daily bread' to form a series of weekly prayers and reflections.

Feel free to use these in your church, house group or personal intercessions.


Our common denominator

children with cassava

The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign is over, but Rev Dr Joel Edwards reflects that we must still focus on daily bread for all.

Urgent need

World Food Day reflection

man in mustard field

On World Food Day, Jo Khinmaung wraps up our series of reflections for the IF campaign by picturing a world with enough food for everyone


Bread of hope - for exiled people

refugees in South Sudan

Noel Davies reflects on the significance of daily bread for those in exile.

Heartfelt plea

Focus on today

unbaked bread

Iona Reid-Dalglish says we need to learn to live in the present.


Find strength

market traders

Steve Stockman is inspired both by the Scriptures and by the everyday reality of people's lives


A labour of love

woman preparing a meal

Claire Jones reflects on the strong two-way connection between food and love


A communal experience


On a trip to El Salvador, Catherine Gorman saw how bread is often at the heart of a meal

A staple

A challenging imperative

women landing fish

Zoe Burden reflects on God's invitation to us to help provide daily bread for all

Bring hope

A Christian challenge


Christine Eames reflects on the different contexts in which the Lord's Prayer is spoken

Worlds apart

David's life

Guatemalan slum housing

Dr Conchita Reyes reflects on the importance of daily bread to families living with HIV/AIDS

Vital food

Food and friendship

IF campaigners

Rev Mike Firbank reflects on the relevance of the IF campaign closer to home

Food banks

The good seeds

hands holding seeds

Mara Manzoni Luz reflects on two encounters, 20 years apart, between a landless couple and a Christian Aid staff member

A long journey

Kneaded by God's love

hands making bread

Ismael Moreno SJ reflects that we have lost our ability to share.

God's gift

Women and bread making - the tangible provision of God?

Indian woman making bread

Helen Griffiths reflects that we should honour the women who make our daily bread


Fasting and feasting

Ghanaian schoolchildren at lunch

Kathy Galloway reflects on her assumption about a newspaper headline


Honour your responsibility

Children foraging for food on a rubbish dump in Dhaka

Margaret Lillis reflects on the new understanding of the Lord’s prayer a trip to Bangladesh gave her


United by daily bread

sharing a meal

Fiona Michael reflects on two very different encounters in Africa

Accept bread

Haiti's daily bread

Prospery Raymond at a fruit tree nursery

Prospery Raymond reflects on the challenges facing Haitians in securing daily bread

A genuine food crisis

A daily commitment

Girl holding bread

John Battle reflects on the commitment to personal as well as structural change implied by asking for 'Daily Bread'

Dare to ask

One big ask

refugee in South Sudan

Just ahead of the G8 leaders' meeting in County Fermanagh, Isobel Peaty reflects on the ambition of the IF campaign

A massive prayer

Eating and drinking unworthily

woman with cooked weeds

Rt Rev Lorna Hood believes we should plead and act shamelessly on behalf of others

Connect faith and life

A collective request

circle of people

Gerardo Morales says that the Lord's Prayer unites us all with equal dignity

A shared table

Powerful life lessons

men tending maize crop

Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins responds to the phrase 'Our Daily Bread'

Impact your world

A shared humanity

women with kale

Dr Rowan Williams says that our prayer for daily bread is a prayer for justice.

Daily justice

A challenge to live more simply

hands holding rice

Chris Knowles sees a challenge in the Lord's Prayer

Choose simplicity

Bread making

woman turning out loaves

Helen Griffiths reflects on how we can become like bread

Become bread

Lasting memories

smoking fish in an oven

Loretta Minghella reflects on encounters in Kenya and Sierra Leone that have challenged her idea of what is enough

Live in the moment

Working together for our daily bread

clearing land before planting

Ketxu Amezua reflects on the right and responsibility of productive work

Work brings dignity

Food brings us together

community meal

Jenny Gwyther reminds us that everyone who goes hungry is an individual, just like us

Remember the individual

Our daily providence

market stall

Bandi Mbubi considers that providence is a daily occurrence for wealthy and poor alike

A daily event

A reminder

gathering wild food

Helen Moriarty is prompted to take another look at the Lord's Prayer

Remember those without

Serving others equals serving Jesus

boy at water storage container

Hannington Sibanda says helping others to access their daily needs is both a responsibility and a privilege

Serve Jesus

A recipe for a hunger-free world

woman using bread oven

Clare McBeath encourages us to reflect on the ingredients needed to ensure food for all

The simplest ingredients

Open table fellowship


David McLoughlin says the Lord's Prayer speaks of a fairer use of resources

A healthier shared life

Our daily prayer

woman with plants

Peter Shaw says the words of the Lord's Prayer may be familiar, but their depth of meaning has helped the prayer endure

Familiar words

Breakfast plus

children eating

Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, the Bishop of Derby, says that hunger is the daily prayer that unites us all

Hunger is a prayer

One global community

man holding bowl

Susy Brouard says that our Christian faith continually invites us to share

Sharing our bread

Lest we forget

farmer with rice

Dr Krish Kandiah says that the Lord's Prayer requires not just recitation, but action

Just three words

Surrounded by abundance

hands holding maize

We should value the everyday provision God makes for us and ensure that it is shared with others, says Christian Aid's Catherine Falconer

Trust in God

Our daily bread

Kenyan farmers holding crops

A reflection on 'Give us this day our daily bread' by Linda Jones of CAFOD

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