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Prayers for South Sudan

Early rains in Juba caused flooding in the UN Tomping displacement site which hosts over 20,000 conflict-displaced people, destroying hundreds of shelters and exacerbating already difficult living conditions.Christian Aid is deeply concerned about escalating humanitarian needs, mass displacement, and continuing violence across South Sudan.

Please pray with us that humanitarian assistance will reach those most in need, and for long-term reconciliation work to resolve the complex political and ethnic divisions at the heart of the conflict. 

Prayer points for South Sudan

• Pray that the peace agreement will be implemented and a lasting ceasefire will be reached.

• Pray for the 2.2 million people who have been forced to flee their homes.

• Pray for those who have lost loved one in the fighting and attacks.

• Pray that food and essential items will be put in place for communities, especially those in hardest to reach areas.

• Pray for Christian Aid partners working in the areas worst affected by the violence. UNIDO, CADA, SPEDP and LWF.

• Pray for the South Sudan Council of Churches and the churches, and the courageous work they are doing to spread powerful messages of peace.

• Pray for the 3.9 million people currently in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in South Sudan.
Pray that the international community will provide the immediate assistance and longer-term support needed by the people of South Sudan.

Prayers for South Sudan

God of life,
We join with the ecumenical leaders of South Sudan in their call for peace.
We pray that South Sudan would be a country where justice, liberty and prosperity for all shall truly reign.
We pray it would become a country where people will live long and children will not die young and senselessly.
We pray that the lessons from history will be learned, that issues would be resolved quickly and so avoiding the suffering of many.
We pray for healing of division, for hunger to be filled and for hope to flourish in South Sudan.
In Jesus name we pray,




Prince of Peace,
We pray for the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.
We give thanks for the face-to-face talks in Ethiopia
and pray they would result in a ceasefire
and initiate the deeper work of reconciliation.

We pray that where political problems have translated into sectarianism
this would stop and ethnic tensions would be diffused.
We pray for the loved ones of those already killed
and for all who have had to seek refuge.
We pray for all fears to be calmed and all terror to cease.

We pray that all those who resort to violence
would give up the way of arms,
go out to meet the other in dialogue and pardon
so that justice, trust and hope will be rebuilt.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

This prayer was written by a member of our worship and theology collective.




Prince of Peace,
You were born into a world
Where terror reigned and fear ruled
And live today in a world crucified by war.
Fill us with your passion for justice
That wherever we see evil abound
We may live to disturb its path
And strive to build bridges of reconciliation.
In the darkness, beckon us with your kindly light
That we never lose sight of your vision of peace
In which the lion lies down with the lamb.

This prayer was written by Annabel Shilson-Thomas.


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