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Pray about just economies, tax and trade

Join us to pray for issues of fair trade and tax justice.

The global economic crisis has highlighted how financial systems often favour the richest at the expense of the poorest.

Christian Aid has a long history of campaigning for economies that are guided by justice and equality. 

Christian Aid prayer about tax

Lord Jesus, bringer of hope,
In you is life, and the life is the light of all people.
Your light shines in the darkness.
We give thanks for all through whom your light shines
And pray for an end to all secrecy that is life-denying.
Sift out our laws and our lives with the light of your presence
So that our aim is honesty
And our measure is love.


Tax prayer points

  • The success of Christian Aid's tax campaign - Christian Aid estimates that commercial tax dodging costs the developing world $160bn per year in lost revenue.
  • The people of Guatemala, they have one of the worst tax systems in the world - some families have just 2.5p a day to spend on food.
  • The recognition that tax havens can damage the economies of poor countries.

Christian Aid's prayer for fair trade

As I enter the street market
Wheel my trolley at the superstore
Leaf through a catalogue, or log on to the internet:
Be with me and help me
When I spend money
Be with me and help me
To see the market place as you see it
As wide as the world you love so much.
Be with us and help us
To share the markets we share
For all people.
As we live under your steady gaze,
So we can change, by your gracious love.


Trade justice prayer points

  • institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank to remove the economic conditions attached to loans and debt-cancellation
  • reforms at the IMF, where the world's 50 poorest countries have less than 3% of the vote
  • industries to develop in the developing world, creating jobs and opportunities

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