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Partnership for change - the power to end poverty

Partnership for change

‘Lover of justice, you have established equity’ – Psalm 99:4

Christian Aid understands that our ever changing world is a place of unprecedented wealth, technological advances and vast resources: a global environment in which trade, law, finance and environmental sustainability are controlled by international institutions.

Download a summary of the Partnership for change strategy (PDF format)

What has not changed is that it is still a world where extraordinary wealth and power sits alongside extreme poverty and a lack of opportunity for people to control their own lives: women and men continue to struggle for food and education, access to medicines and technology that we take for granted.

Our belief is that the underlying causes of poverty were made by, and can be ended by, human action. This belief is embodied in our new strategic framework, Partnership for Change.

We understand that at the root of poverty lies a lack of power: the power to have your say and be heard; the power to know your rights and demand them; the power to have access to essential services; the power to share in the world’s resources and the power to live not to survive, but to thrive.

We cannot do this alone. We need people like you to give, act or pray with us, because by working together, we can end poverty in the 21st Century.

Download the full Partnership for change strategy (PDF)

Download a summary of the Partnership for change strategy (PDF)

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