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Low-carbon Africa: Leapfrogging to a green future

Low Carbon Africa

Our new report, Low-carbon Africa: Leapfrogging to a green future, makes the case that Africa is able to deliver clean and sustainable energy to millions of energy-poor people across the continent without increasing greenhouse gas emissions – and for this renewable power potential to drive a green economic expansion across the region.

An abundance of resources and its sustainable development ambitions give Africa a real advantage when it comes to renewable energy. With access to a ‘leapfrog fund’ from global mitigation finance, this could lay the ground for a low-carbon future.

Download our report (950kb PDF)

The report gives examples of the potential for low-carbon energy in six sub-Saharan African countries: Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Nigeria.


South Africa

Low Carbon Africa South Africa

Low-carbon technology could deliver affordable energy to communities coal reserves currently fail - and avoid rise in emissions.

Download (551kb PDF)



Low Carbon Africa Nigeria

With oil and gas dominating its economy, energy poverty is still widespread, but efficient use of natural resources could deliver energy for all.

Download (400kb PDF)



Low Carbon Africa Kenya

Innovation and diversification the key for Kenya as hydro and wood-fuelled power comes under threat. 

Download (470kb PDF)



Low Carbon Africa Rwanda

Rwanda has ambitions to develop its economy and low-carbon energy could be the key.

Download (570kb PDF)



Low Carbon Africa Ghana

Emergent middle-income country developing and delivering low-carbon power for its people and wider economy.

Download (570kb PDF)



Low Carbon Africa Ethiopia

Ethiopia shows how, with right investment, low-carbon and resource-efficient development can happen together.

Download (450kb PDF)