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Latin America and the Caribbean reports and research

Read policy papers written by Christian Aid and other collaborators on issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean.

Low-Carbon Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Evolution, experiences and

It is time for Latin America and the Caribbean – a region on the front line of resource shortages and changing climates – to move towards a more sustainable, equitable development based on low-carbon energy.

This briefing highlights that the region’s development model, based on  extractive industries and agribusiness, is simply not conducive to low-carbon development or limiting the global increase in temperature to 2°C.

It sets out some policy recommendations to Latin American and Caribbean governments on the many opportunities to set the regional energy sector on a low-carbon trajectory, to inject investment in renewable energy and to set clear targets.

Download briefing and discussion paper


The real Brazil: the inequality behind the statisticsMay 2012

This report summarises findings from research into inequality in Brazil. It paves the way for a greater understanding of the contrast between the spotlight on development and the real vulnerability brought about by inequality in Brazil, which is producing exclusion and contributing to wealth concentration in the hands of the few.

The real Brazil: the inequality behind the statistics (PDF, 6mb)PDF

The real Brazil - executive summary (PDF, 1.5mb)  PDF

The Scandal of inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean - April 2012

Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean is deep set across a range of social groups, with income inequality the highest in the world. The situation has remained largely unchanged for the last four decades, however, some progress has been made in reducing poverty and inequalities.

This report investigates where progress has been made, what policies are driving improvement, and sets out what more needs to be done to make more of a change for the better.

Scandal of inequality in LAC (PDF, 1.8mb)PDF  

El Escándalo de la Desigualdad en América Latina y el Caribe (PDF, 1.8mb)  PDF

REDD+ in Latin America: does it work for local communities?

REDD+ is a UN programme that aims to reduce emissions from forests, prevent deforestation and encourage investment in low carbon development. Christian Aid’s Latin American and Caribbean partners believe that such projects must be managed by local communities and be truly inclusive.

Time for climate justice, issue 8 - June 2012 (PDF, 0.4mb)  PDF

Energy briefings - Bolivia and Peru

Christian Aid and Aprodev have supported civil society organisations from India, South Africa, Bolivia and Peru to develop responses to the World Bank energy strategy review

The project brings together their position papers, stories and alternative approaches to World Bank Group business as usual.  Although each is a direct response to the energy strategy review from a national or regional perspective, each also takes a wide look at local energy futures.

Bolivia energy briefing (PDF, 0.3mb)  PDF  

Peru energy briefing (PDF, 0.4mb)  PDF

Find the responses from India and South Africa here.


Undermining the poor: mineral taxation reforms in Latin America

This report examines the tax reforms affecting the mineral sector in Latin America. It quantifies the costs of some of the excessively generous tax incentives which have been provided to mining companies in Peru, Guatemala and Honduras. It also tracks the efforts of civil society to reverse these regressive taxation trends and offers some recommendations for policy reform in this area.

Undermining the poor report - September 2009 (PDF, 0.9mb)  PDF

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