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Spanish language resources for GCE - AS / A2

Cecilia Cordova, Programme Officer in Bolivia with Christian Aid, answers questions on climate change.

This four and a half minute video resource was created for Spanish Language teachers and students who need to be able to discuss environmental issues, such as climate change in the Spanish language.

In the video questions are asked in English and are answered in Spanish by Christian Aid's Programme Officer from Bolivia, Cecilia Cordova.

Bolivia is already facing negative impacts of climate change, such as the melting mountain glaciers, which reduces the amount of water available for people and some of Christian Aid's partners in the country are helping communities to adapt.


Cecilia answers the following questions:

 - Why do you think climate change is happening in Bolivia and who or what is causing it?

 - What would you say to someone who is sceptical about climate change?

 - What impact does climate change have on poor communities in Bolivia?

 - What is being done to help people combat climate change in Bolivia?

 - What do you think developed countries like the UK and Ireland should be doing?

 - Do you think developing countries like Bolivia have a responsibility to so something about their own carbon emissions?


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