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Poverty Explored: Transition Year resource

Poverty Explored - Transition Year teaching resourceInspire your students to explore global issues and play an active role in fighting poverty.

'Poverty Explored' is a new four-week transition year teaching resource that has all you need to help get your students exploring, debating, challenging and taking part in issues around global poverty.


Through role-plays, videos, case studies and discussions, your students will learn, engage and respond to international issues such as poverty, emergencies, human rights, gender, tax and climate change.

This lesson pack will help you get your class thinking about their role as global citizens and how they can be part of the changes needed to help end poverty. Click to download the classes which cover:

Hungry for change in Ghana 

> Download 'Hungry for change' on VIMEO


Where has all the money gone

> Download 'Where has all the money gone' on VIMEO


Tax Justice in America

> Download 'Tax Justice in Central America' on VIMEO


Technology for food in Kenya

> Download 'Technology for food in Kenya' on VIMEO


Growing places, Ireland coffee

> Download 'Growing places, Ireland coffee' on VIMEO


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