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In Their Lifetime

In Their Lifetime looks poverty in the face and steps forwards instead of backwards. Will you walk with us?

Hand holding soil

Organic compost on a demonstration farm in India supported by In Their Lifetime investment

Being bold

Ending poverty needs a bold approach.

In Their Lifetime is Christian Aid's innovation fund. We want to raise £25 million by 2020 which will allow us to invest in innovative projects that have the potential to transform whole communities, enabling them to escape poverty in their lifetime.

With the help of visionary investors in Scotland, we are already supporting a network of projects around the world. Their investment has allowed us to pilot innovative ways of working with farmers in Tamil Nadu and beekeepers in Kenya.

To reach our overall investment goal of £25 million, we need support from people and organisations who, like us, want to see poverty ended by bold investments in projects that can lead to lives being transformed – in their lifetime.

  • In Their Lifetime dares to investigate what might be possible and what could achieve the step changes required.'

Brian Miller, In Their Lifetime Scottish Cabinet

Your invitation

'As our world is more and more affected by climate change and inequality, there needs to be a continuous drive to find new ways of breaking through the challenges facing us. Simply supporting the tried and trusted ways of achieving development has its place but it will not deliver what is needed in the face of new challenges.'

Brian Miller, In Their Lifetime Scottish Cabinet 

'If the huge challenge of eradicating poverty has any chance of being met, it will be through trying new approaches, through respecting the dignity of every individual and through challenging the entrenched imbalances of power that persist in so many parts of the world. Please join us in this work and experience it yourself.'

David Paterson and Melanie Farquharson, In Their Lifetime Development Board 

Are you ready to invest in well-chosen, pioneering ideas?

You could help us pioneer new approaches to fighting poverty and increase the scale of our most transformative work to reach even more people.

For more information about In Their Lifetime, have a look at the articles below or follow the links on the right hand side of this page.

Alternatively, to discuss how you could get involved with In Their Lifetime, email Nadia Cunden, or call her on 0131 240 1522.

In Their Lifetime

Poverty can be ended. But we know that the vision of a future without poverty is only possible with radical shifts in mindset, behaviour and funding.

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