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Scottish campaigns spring clean

The Campaigns team in Scotland has had a busy few months working on two of our main campaign areas: climate justice and gender justice.

Big Shift Banks

Making sure our money works for everybody

Big Shift JTMB Since the Edinburgh training about The Big Shift Banks campaign, campaigners in Scotland and the rest of the UK have been challenging high-street banks about their investments. You’ve told the biggest banks in the UK that it’s time for them to shift our money out of fossil fuels and into clean energy.

From the end of April onwards, we’ll be taking the Big Shift campaign directly to the banks’ annual general meetings (AGMs).

To build momentum for the AGMs, could you now ask your friends, family and church members to sign a downloadable petition asking the CEOs of Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS banks, as a matter of urgency, to…?


  • make a clear commitment to stop financing fossil fuels

  • set ambitious and measurable targets to increase their investment in renewable energy generation

  • publish the carbon footprints of investments and loans and not just operations.

Please return to Christian Aid’s Campaigns team as soon as you can!

Faith and gender in the Big Apple

In March, Fiona Buchanan, our Youth Development Officer, was in New York for the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

The Commission saw the launch of Side by Side, a faith movement for gender justice spearheaded by Christian Aid. At the launch, a diverse crowd shared experiences of working with faith leaders on gender justice, reflecting on how we can take forward our vision of gender justice in different contexts.

Fiona spoke about the development of the Scottish chapter of Side by Side, where churches are working to ensure gender justice is prioritised through building links with Christian Aid partners around the world.

Climate Justice

This year, Scotland has a huge opportunity to commit to tackling climate change.

In January, the Scottish Government released an initial draft of the Energy Strategy, which lays out Scotland’s energy needs for the next 15 years. Christian Aid supporters were delighted with the strategy, which proposes that 50% of all energy – including transport, heating and electricity – will come from renewables by 2030.

This summer, the Scottish Government will bring in a new Climate Change Bill. The Climate Bill will set emissions targets for 2020 and beyond, and will simplify how we will know when we’ve reached those targets.

This is our chance to commit to ending fossil fuel use in Scotland and play our part in moving towards a zero-carbon world.

The Government will be holding a public consultation in the summer, asking for your views on climate change. We’ll be producing postcards and materials to help you respond, so look out for more information coming soon.

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