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The Big Shift - Clean up our cash

January 2017 

We all want to save for a rainy day, but what if our money is causing the storm?

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Clean up our cash

The money in your bank account could be building the brighter, cleaner, safer world we all hope for.

But instead, the biggest banks in the UK are still financing the growth of the fossil fuel industry - fuelling climate change, harming people around the world and putting all of our futures at risk.

The latest phase of our Big Shift campaign invites you to email your bank to ask them to make the Big Shift to clean energy.

And, if you'd like to encourage others at your church or elsewhere to increase the pressure on the big banks to clean up our cash too, you can email us at campaigns@christian-aid.org for a petition sheet.

Big Shift campaign evening

Join us in Edinburgh on Thursday 19 January to find out more about why your bank is key to tackling climate change. Free tickets for this event are available from Eventbrite.


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