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Global climate deal

June 2016

The UN agreement signed in Paris last December has the potential to transform the world's response to climate change.

Climate campaigners at a rally in Edinburgh   
Credit: SCCS/Hattersley

Paris deal ushers in a new dawn

Sunrise over mountains

Credit: Chris Hoskins

Christian Aid hailed the UN climate agreement signed in Paris in December as marking the start of a new era with the potential to transform the global economy to address climate change.  

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid's Senior Climate Advisor said, 'For the first time in history the whole world has made a public commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deal with the impacts of climate change.'

Countries must increase their carbon reduction commitments before 2020 and every five years thereafter to ensure the deal evolves to meet the needs of a changing world.

Richer countries have committed to deliver the finance they have promised to help developing countries adapt and grow in a clean and sustainable way.

The UK and Scottish Governments must also now deliver on their climate change commitments and financial promises. For example ahead of the Paris talks, the UK Government made a significant promise of climate finance and announced a landmark decision to phase out coal power.

And in Scotland, we welcomed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's proactive role in the talks, especially her announcement of a further £12m for Scotland's Climate Justice Fund.

Sally's Paris reflection

Group including Sally Foster Fulton with Eco-congregation Scotland climate justice baton

Before joining Christian Aid Scotland, Rev Sally Foster-Fulton was at the climate talks, and wrote this reflection about her time in Paris.

Sally was heartened to see a real and binding agreement that has the potential to bring about substantial progress towards a sustainable future.

Next steps

Walkers ascending hillside

Christian Aid campaigners achieved a lot last year, culminating in asking world leaders to agree to an ambitious global climate deal in Paris by marching through Edinburgh in November, but there is more we can do.

This year, along with our partners in Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Climate Coalition, we're planning a week of climate action across the UK from 8-16 October. Will you join us?

We're hoping that communities all over the UK will come together to 'Speak Up' for the love of the people, places and cherished things affected by climate change.

Register for Speak Up

Meanwhile, you can keep up to date with all the latest developments in climate campaigning at the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland website.

Get in touch

For more information about our campaigning in Scotland, email Diane Green, Christian Aid Scotland Campaigns Officer, or call her on 0141 241 6136.


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