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A young girl stands in the rubble following the Nepal earthquake

We’re there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term.

Campaign with us

Trade justice march, UK

Climate change, tax dodging - tackle the causes of poverty.

Gender justice

A woman wearing a headscarf and a man to her right

The greatest inequality in the world is that between women and men.

HIV and malaria

Two women from Sudan affected by HIV stigma

Our work on HIV and our part in a global movement to tackle malaria.

Our magazine

Christian Aid Ireland

Read the Christian Aid Ireland magazine for latest news and stories.

Tackling Violence, Building Peace

Christian Aid runner in the London Marathon

Christian Aid Ireland takes global lead on Tackling Violence, Building Peace.

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Help people around the world fight their way out of poverty

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Christian Aid Ireland is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland, Charity Registration no. 20014162 (CHY6998) and in Northern Ireland, Charity Registration no. NIC101631 (XR94639)

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