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Christian Aid in Angola

No country displays the gap between rich and poor more starkly than Angola. The country’s territory is immense and rich in natural resources, but only a minority of its citizens benefit from its wealth.


A 27-year civil war, which finally came to an end in 2002, claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, left four million people displaced and severely hampered the country’s prospects of development.


Post-war, a boom fuelled by abundant offshore oil reserves has given the country the fastest growing economy in Africa over the last decade. This has contributed to making its capital, Luanda, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet only a few Angolans are benefiting from these financial riches.


Tensions have been growing in both urban and rural areas. Some of the poorest communities live under the constant threat of being driven off their land as developers attempt to seize acreage. More than a quarter of the population lives in the capital, leading to high levels of space and land pressure in Luanda.

Christian Aid’s vision is of a country where there is justice in the use of power, at all levels, for an Angola better for all.

We support organisations that promote poor communities' rights to their land and to opportunities to develop. 

We work to give a voice to young and marginalised people through information and media projects, and support rural development and climate change adaptation.

We aim to create the conditions for society in which Angola’s natural resources give everyone basic opportunities, including sustainable peace.

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