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Christian Aid in Niger

In the heart of the Sahara, Niger is consistently ranked as the one of the least developed countries in the world on the UN’s Human Development Index.

The country has been badly affected by the severe drought and food shortages that affected West Africa in 2010 and 2012, as well as floods.

Niger is also coping with a stream of refugees fleeing from neighbouring Mali, many of them children.

Food security is slowly improving in some areas, although food prices have been increasing, due in part to political insecurity in neighbouring countries, particularly Mali and Nigeria.

There are still high rates of malnutrition and many people are in need of food aid, with more than 40% of children under five suffering chronic malnutrition.

Our work

We work with local partners in Niger as part of our wider humanitarian work across the Sahel. Our priorities include running feeding centres for malnourished children and helping some of the poorest farming communities grow food.

Our vision in Sahel

Our vision is a greener Sahel region with an empowered population.

We want to see:

  • Sahelian communities become more secure, profitable, and resilient, and adapted to prevent and manage risks at local and national level
  • women and men gaining equitable and sustainable access to local, national and sub-regional markets with agricultural products
  • women and men have their capacity strengthened to influence public policy affecting their livelihoods and exercise their right to be heard locally and nationally.

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