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Christian Aid in Senegal

At the westernmost point of mainland Africa, Senegal is often regarded as one of the continent’s success stories. It has remained relatively stable and retains good diplomatic and economic relations with western countries; yet daily life is still a struggle for many Senegalese.

While poverty is improving, over half of rural people and a third of the urban population live below the poverty line.

Although Senegal has relatively good nutrition rates compared to many of its neighbours, parts of the country are vulnerable to the severe food shortages that afflicted West Africa in 2010 and 2012. Areas in the north and east continue to have high rates of malnutrition and receive food aid.

The country has high under-five and maternal mortality rates, where lack of food is a significant factor.

We maintain a small but targeted programme in Senegal as part of our humanitarian work across the Sahel region. Our priorities include helping some of the poorest farming communities increase their yields.

We also work to improve access to education, including literacy training for women and girls.

We maintain links with other Senegalese partners to undertake regional advocacy initiatives.

Find out more about our humanitarian work during the food crisis.

Our vision in Sahel

Our vision is a greener Sahel with an empowered population.

We want to see:

  • Sahelian communities become more secure, profitable, and resilient, and adapted to prevent and manage risks at local and national level
  • women and men gaining equitable and sustainable access to local, national and sub-regional markets with agricultural products
  • women and men have their capacity strengthened to influence public policy affecting their livelihoods and exercise their right to be heard locally and nationally.

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