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Ethiopia: from relief to resilience

October 2013

Aster Bariso, 20, lost the use of her legs after contracting polio as a baby. She struggles to feed her two young children at the best of times, and two years ago, her situation got even worse.

In 2011, more than 3.2 million people across southern and eastern Ethiopia faced a disastrous harvest. Aster's family were among the worst affected, without enough food to survive.

Aster Bariso and her young daughter

Emergency relief

For Aster, food packages provided by our partner, Lutheran World Federation (LWF), were vital in keeping the most vulnerable members of her family alive – including her three-year-old son Fitsum.

Aster said: ‘If there was no food in the area and they could not help us, my little boy with malnutrition might have got worse or even died. I say thank you and God bless you.’

Your incredible response

Thanks to your incredible response to our East Africa food crisis appeal, more than two years on, our partners are still working with communities like Aster’s to become more resilient to future crises.

Our partners work with communities together to make decisions, so they can understand the risks they face and how they can be best addressed.

This work aims to not only support communities to recover, but also to ensure they can be more independent in future emergencies.

How you can help

You can help to support vulnerable families like Aster’s by donating to our disasters and emergencies fund.
Find out more about our work in Ethiopia.

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